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WORLEY, Idaho (WTHR) – Idaho residents are facing a meteorological phenomenon facing a large snow storm.

KHQ-TV, Matt Dreschel, an observer, shared photos of "snow rollers" with the news station he received when he was snowing on Tuesday. The glasses are created when the snow is snowy on the ground at the wind, picking up snow on the way.

It just looks like you start taking a snowman. But instead of making big balls, the snow is introduced into cylinders, sometimes with an outlet.

Certain circumstances need to be created for snow rollers, including the type of snow and the right wind. Dreschel KHQ said he had only seen it once before.

The station provided its photos to Facebook and went viricically.

Check out! Matt Drechsel has seen these rare rails this morning in Worley! They are a meteorological phenomenon as under the right conditions to start snow itself. ️️️️️️️

Posted by KHQ Local News Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Some viewers also share their own photos of snow rolls.


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