[SNS세상]A 116-year-old grandmother dies, the oldest in the United States…

America’s oldest old man passed away at the age of 116.

On the 18th, NBC News and others reported that Hesterford, the oldest man in the United States, died. Ford’s bereaved family said she died peacefully at her home in Lancaster County, South Carolina, while her family watched.

Hesterford is known to be 115 or 116 years old because different census agencies have different birthdays. The American Geriatrics Research Group listed Hester as 115 years and 245 days. Local media said that Hesterford was known to be 116 years old, but if he was 115, the fact that he was the oldest man at the time of his death did not change.

Ford was born in 1905 in Lancasty County, South Carolina, and married her husband Ford in 1921. She had 12 children with her husband, but her husband passed away relatively early in 1963 at the age of 57.

The 12 children of the Fords had a total of 68 grandchildren, among them 125 great-grandchildren. Also, the great-grandchildren gave birth to 120 high-grandchildren. The descendants of Ford prospered, forming a large family of 325 people.

In her late years, Grandma Ford said she always ate half a banana for breakfast, took a walk and breathed fresh air, and then sat on the couch to see family photos. She also had a hobby of solving puzzles and listening to hymns.

In a media interview asking the secret of longevity in the past, the grandmother replied, “I’m just trying to live right. That’s all,” and it became a hot topic.

Ford’s bereaved family wrote on Facebook as a memorial saying, “Grandmother’s light shines beyond our region. She has lived for more than a century, living as a being with memories and experiences.

Another surviving family member, the great-granddaughter, said, “She was a pillar and strong being to our family, who gave all of us the love, support, and understanding we needed.” “Grandmother not only made our family prosper, but also represented the African American race and its culture. She reminded us of how long we have walked on Earth as black people.”

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