[SNS세상]Twitter removes “no mask effect” from Trump medical advisor


U.S. presidential medical adviser Donald Trump posted a tweet questioning the effectiveness of wearing a mask in relation to Corona 19, and the post was deleted by Twitter.

On the 18th (hereafter local time), US economic journal Forbes and others reported that the post that Dr. Scott Atlas of the White House Corona 19 Task Force (TF) posted on the day has been deleted.

In the tweet, Dr. Atlas said, “Does the mask work? NO.” He argued, presenting several reasons for distorting the mask effect.

Then, Twitter deleted Dr. Atlas’ tweet from its platform, saying it was false information related to Corona 19. The post is currently displayed as “This Tweet cannot be viewed.”

Twitter said, “Sharing false or misleading content related to Corona 19 is forbidden by regulations as it may harm others. Dr. Atlas’ tweet violated policy.”

Dr. Atlas’ claims also violate the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC is guiding that wearing a mask in public places helps prevent the spread of Corona 19 when social distancing cannot be maintained.

In response to Twitter’s actions, Dr. Atlas said, “This means that President Trump’s guidelines (that you don’t need to wear a mask) are the right policy. Masks are worn extensively unless they have a purpose, such as when close to people or at high risk There is no need to do it,” he argued again.

“Twitter seems to censor science if it goes against his public brainwashing goals,” he said in a written interview with US media Newsweek.

YTN PLUS Reporter Ji-Young Moon ([email protected])

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