So amazing… The real reason why Kang Ye-won appeared as Freesia manager in ‘At the time of war’

Freesia (Song Jia), a popular YouTuber who is called the trending ‘hot girl’ these days, heralded the scramble for MBC’s entertainment show ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’. However, the news that actress Kang Ye-won appeared as the manager of Freesia came along, raising curiosity as well as pleasure.

Kang Ye-won and Freesia / Kang Ye-won Instagram
MBC ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’

Content that will solve your curiosity has been uploaded on social media and is attracting attention.

Noh Hee-young, a former CEO of YG Foods and the current food and beverage research institute, NextAid, and B&Us, posted a picture of Kang Ye-won and actress Oh Ji-ho’s wife Eun Bo-a on Instagram on the 12th. At the time, he posted an article about Freesia with a photo.

(From left) Eun Bo-ah, Kang Ye-won (center), Noh Hee-young / Below Noh Hee-young's Instagram
(From left) Eun Bo-ah, Kang Ye-won (center), Noh Hee-young / Below Noh Hee-young’s Instagram

CEO Noh Hee-young introduced, “I am Kang Ye-won, the representative of Hyowon CNC, who raised Jia, the hot topic of ‘Solo Hell’ in Jangan, into today’s top celebrity and influencer in Korea, and actress Kang Ye-won, who is the female lead in the drama ‘Only One Person’.” He continued, “For me, who has watched the process of branding Jia over the past several years, our Yewon is so… .It is wonderful and unique,” ​​he added.

He continued, “When we gathered at the party to commemorate the publication of ‘Noh Hee-young’s Branding Law’ in November of last year, all the MZ generation already said they were fans of Jia and wanted to take pictures of even 1 million YouTuber Kwon Ki-dong. “Now through Netflix, I have become a world-wide influencer,” he praised Freesia.

(From left) Noh Hee-young, Freesia, Kwon Ki-dong
(From left) Noh Hee-young, Freesia, Kwon Ki-dong

As this article was posted, the question of why Kang Ye-won appeared as the manager of Freesia in ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ (the time of the war) was resolved.

Hyowon CNC, to which Freesia belongs, is a domestic media commerce group that is different from general entertainment agencies. Hyowon CNC manages and supports its influencers and creators, and works by linking them to content and commerce businesses. Kang Ye-won is said to be a key member of Hyowon CNC.

Kang Ye-won's Instagram
Kang Ye-won’s Instagram



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