So beautiful! “Mind-Laphaslal” with a new role in “Love Me Again again … I love you”

After spending a long time posting, I got a beautiful, spicy picture until I was satisfied with this piece. So I sat down to tell about the characters in the series. “Love Me Again… I love you” Playing the role of “B” and “Aunt Bee”, the two characters will not be different because they are the same person. Only the part that Aunt Phueng became B will try to do everything opposite to Aunt Bee. Just to pop to like

“Mind decided to play this story from the script. What is unique is that it is said that I have never received a role like this. And it’s a good challenge, it’s a good challenge. I want to play something new and different.”

Which one do you like more? “Actually, I like them both because they’re the same person. But Mild felt that Aunt Phueng would be a little difficult to play. because at the age that is not close to us So we have to do more homework.”

With this being a comedy genre, is it difficult? “I am good at it. I like it a lot. I play without stress. Because in the past, Mind has played many roles like this, about 2-3 stories, I think comedy is another way he is good at it.

What about the love scene? considering it a difficult chapter to subdue one after the other But it did not make the young woman feel anxious…“Spri, it doesn’t have to be a serious love scene. But it’s going to be a funny love scene, so I’m comfortable and I’m not shy. Because people are friendly I’d say play it once and pass it to the max. We will also have an appointment to advise each other first, like an intense love scene. We’ll have conversations and queue up to make it flow so we can take one ticket. Then they helped each other to save each other. If this scene came out, I think the audience would laugh more than shame. And he’ll probably like it. When it comes to working with Mew, I’m comfortable. Mew is a good person who sends emotions well. When playing with Mew, we didn’t feel like we were playing on one side. Mew will receive every message we send and send every message to make us feel. So it’s quite flowing. If everyone is playing on one side, it won’t go smoothly or go together.”

Opposite a hot young man like Mew-Suppasit, who has many fans and is very jealous. Does it make us feel any pressure? Young Mild said in a good mood that… “Not really. Remember that all fan groups, not just Mew, when the artist has an event. He is always ready to support. Mew fans are very cute. Every time Mew posts a story Post a couple of pictures or tweet to Fans will take pictures to repost and they will always send us encouragement. As for the Mind fans, everyone said they were cute. I want to see two of our works I can see from the chemistry picture, it goes well together. So, I would like to see the results come out.”

When it comes to love, he is extremely “happy”, considered a “lucky in the game” person. “Lucky in Love” with a man outside the industry, in love with a relationship for 6-7 years, never had a “Z” story to make you sad. A gentle girl telling about her love, her eyes immediately flashed …“Keep going, 6 years, into the 7th year, not obvious, nothing. Dating now, the relationship is like a friend who cares for each other for a long time. My boyfriend is an outsider.”

Beginning of love? “A friend introduced me. Marina, who plays an innocent bad freshman together At that time we were single. I have no love, I have no one And he knows what our way of life is like. There was an older brother he knew. And he thought that lifestyles should fit together, should be compatible, so he suggested a meeting. We’ve spoken to each other since then.”

What is a lifestyle match? “I like listening to music, I like going to concerts. The first time we met was to eat together first. And his house was not far from there. With Marina and her boyfriend Marina went to play music. because he is a person who likes to play music too After that, invite each other to go to the concert. The first date went to see a concert together. (Concert name) at The Street Ratchada Once they click with the song, they tune in very quickly. “

The first time we met, did he say he would flirt with us? “No, these days, we have never asked each other to be our girlfriends, let the situation take them better because since Mind got a girlfriend, no one has ever asked to be girlfriend. Being a person who doesn’t like any ceremony that has to be like it, we are love and love. Maybe it’s because Mind I’m not that romantic too. Let it go as it should go on and on. Spoke to each other again and again. At first, I didn’t even know if he would even flirt with me. Feels like talking like a friend Go to the concert, go back and forth, sparks, and the situation takes itself.”

Been in a relationship for many years like this. What needs to be tuned together? “Because he is an outsider, we are people in the industry. During the first 2-3 years of adaptation, the time does not match. He works for a company When we meet, we are also unsure if we want to go there or not this weekend. We could not give him an answer. because we don’t know if the play uses a cue or not So there was a problem here in the beginning, and with the culture, he grew up as a westerner too. And we are Thai people since we were born, so we have to adjust a lot about it. “

Until 7th year dating I’m curious Have you started talking about the future together? A gentle girl has an answer that is … her own lover is someone who rarely speaks. believe that when the time comes, it will take care of itself let it be natural Like when they were together, they let it be natural. If there is concern in the future, it must to build a family be fair. A nation is better…“But what keeps us together for a long time is because we trust each other. He is the one who makes Mind feel we can be trusted. without having to worry about anything There has never been anything at all once during the 6 years of being together, and like us, we don’t have an easy life He will know how we are. Another thing is that we don’t have to get together in our space all the time. Or do you have to talk all day all the time? Sometimes people ask what he does, and we say we don’t know either, and we haven’t spoken at all today. We never talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes, like people who don’t like talking on the phone either. Likes meeting more than focusing on meeting, they are the same. The line went and he didn’t answer either. If you want to talk is a meeting. He’s not on his phone at all. So, I’d like to meet more than me.”

Clothing: SWIMME
Place: Coffee Bar for Tea
Pictured: Thanapon Nonthachan

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