So patient! “Chayut” was poured by Pheu Thai, he is not allowed to go to the area, turning to the Royal Thai Navy for the dignity of the people of Khonburi.

So patient! “Chayut” turned to the NRTA, right, Pheu Thai, poured, not allowed to enter the area, shouted for the dignity of the Khonburi people. Ready to dismantle the label immediately

On February 1, at the Coordinating Center of Thai Party Pheu (NPA), Khon Buri District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the office of Mr. Chayut Phongthanasap, member of the Provincial Administrative Organization Council (Public Organization) Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Buri District, District 1 As candidates on for MPs in Khon Buri District, Soeng Sang District met more than 200 people in Khon Buri District who heard the news, the District had changed the candidates for that district in the middle. He is a possible candidate who is a relative of Mr. Weerasak. Wang Supakit Kosol or Kamnan Por, former Deputy Minister of Commerce, Bhumjaithai Party And so the owner of cassava flour mill Iam Heng, Soeng Sang District, made an appointment to gather and come to support Mr Chayut. By asking to continue acting as a representative of the villagers

Mr Chuyt said that for the sake of the dignity of the Khonburi people. He is not discouraged and ready to fight this election. no one can come and buy Thank you brothers and sisters, the people have always encouraged me. I promise I will not give up my ideology. Especially the farmers who are the foundation of the country. Volunteer to be an agent to drive Encourage farmers to get water for agriculture electricity for agriculture Factors of production, fertiliser, drugs, cheaper prices, then remove and dismantle the sign in front of the office which had pictures and messages about every area out to expressed the feeling of extreme disappointment with the action Afterwards, he announced his intention to join the Sang Ruam Thai Chart Party (RTC) amidst the applause of joy.

Mr Chayut said he entered the field of local politics and was elected president of Tambon Administrative Organization (Sub-District Administrative Organisation), Crocodile Hin, Khon Buri District in 2005 and then applied for election. Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Administrative Organization, Khon Buri Region, Region 1, has been elected to serve since 2007, a total of 4 terms up to the present. Last year, the PT came to a meeting and asked for help with the work because of seeing the performance of local politics and the determination of a strong ideology He therefore decided to apply for membership. And there was an opening as a potential candidate for the Khonburi area on August 16, but at the end of the year, there was a flow of news in the area that would change the candidate and the truth was clear. Until Mr Pranom Phokham, former MP for Wang Nam Khiao District, Pak Thong Chai District, as the candidate for MP for Royal Thai Police District, heard the news and persuaded them to go along with Mr Sek Sakon Atthawong or Rambo . Isaan, former MP for Khon Buri District, is the coordinator. so he decided to be ready to fight in the upcoming elections

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