So sad! Pogba reveals why Manchester United fans don’t love him, one reason for joining Juventus

French midfielder Paul Pogba revealed the thought of someone feeling incompetent by Manchester United and football fans Was the main reason for moving back to Juventus

Paul Pogba moved to join the army Manchester United The second fight in 2016 in life Jose Mourinho With a then world record fee of 89 million pounds, before playing a total of 226 games, scoring 39 goals, winning the championship. UEFA Europa League with Carabao Cup One by one, however, the 30-year-old world champion bids farewell to six seasons in the country. Old Trafford After the contract ends and choose to move back Juventus no fee yet

For the first year, Pogba with Juventus had a very bad season. After facing serious injury problems, only 10 games were posted, including all items, which was the only real start. while the agency finished in 7th place a battle had to be played UEFA Europa Conference League

After a disappointing season ended French star interview with Views The hometown media opened up about different issues. and inevitably to be asked about the previous agency as the Red Devils

“When I first left for Manchester, I was young and wanted to prove myself. Pogba began to speak.

“I joined a relatively young club like Juventus and I had to face a big test.

“But I could immediately see the love that Juventus and the fans gave. I like the way they work. and learned a lot.”

“I moved back to Manchester because I had unfinished business. I used to say that to myself I have to be a starter at United.”

“Finally I was able to do that. And for me, that’s a goal achieved. We won trophies, even though it wasn’t the Premier League, but United haven’t won those trophies for a long time either.

“Then I came back to Juventus, for a reason? Because I feel like this is a club that helps me push myself.

“And also for the love he got from the fans and the club. Which is something I never got from Manchester.

“When I moved back to England, I was a bit surprised. Because with the value that has been moved to make me prejudice which is quite sad.”

“Anyway, Juventus and United are two clubs I’ve always loved so much. They helped me grow. I can only thank you.”

“Maybe I could go to another team. But in the end, I followed my heart and chose these two clubs.

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