So sad! Tuan Tuan, the panda given to Taiwan by China, has died.

Taipei Zoo in Taiwan’s capital Tuan Tuan, a male panda sent by China as a gift to Taiwan, died on Saturday (Nov. 19) after battling multiple seizures, the Taipei Zoo said.

“Our veterinary team confirmed that Tuan Tuan’s heart stopped at 1:48 PM (12:48 PM GMT).” Taipei Zoo announced

This 18-year-old panda was first found ill in August with an epileptic fit. And later the symptoms started getting worse and sluggish.

After brain scans, lesions were found and the healing process began to prevent seizures.

The Taipei Zoo suspected that Tuan Tuan had a brain tumor and was given palliative care in October, but he died days earlier. The seizures are returning and more often than before. until the treatment did not help the symptoms to subside

Zoo officials said that On Saturday (Nov. 19), the vet placed Thuan Thuan under deep anesthesia to undergo a CT scan. But when the latest results came out, the symptoms were overwhelming and if they were helped to revive, they would take their lives “Quality” No, so it was decided to donate this panda “still sleeping”

Tuan Tuan was gifted along with a female panda named Yuan Yuan in late 2008, when relations between Taiwan and China were smoother than in recent years.

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