So stunned! Research team reveals face-shape Clearly Pharaoh’s Mummy For the first time in 3,525 years

So stunned! Egyptian research team revealed face-shape Egyptian pharaoh mummy ‘Amenhotep 1’ for the first time in 3,525 years. Points to perfection and never robbed.

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The journal Frontiers in Medicine reports that all royal mummies found in the 19th and 20th centuries have long been open to study. But the Egyptians did not have the courage to open the mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I, not out of fear of any mythological curse, but because it was well wrapped. Beautifully decorated with flower garlands. and has a face and neck that is elaborately covered with a realistic mask called ‘Royal Golden Mummy Parade’. It is perfectly inlaid with spectacular multicolored stones.

However, with CT scan technology (Computed tomography) is very modern, making it possible to scan the body. without having to open the coffin This allowed researchers to study behind the encapsulation of the mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I for the first time in 3,525 years, and reveal what it would have looked like alive.

Image courtesy of Frontiers in Medicine.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, a former Egyptian minister of antiquities and co-author, speculated that the 11th-century restorer’s primary purpose was to reuse royal burial devices for the pharaohs in the “Pharaoh”. after

Yet Egyptians deciphered from hieroglyphs that the mummies were removed once in the 11th century BCE. It is believed that the priest who performed the funeral ceremony both repairing the damage of the tomb theft and reusing the decorations

Dr. Zahar Saleem Professor of Radiology at Cairo University Faculty of Medicine and radiologists of the Egyptian Mummy Project. The study’s first author said: “The mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I has never been removed in modern times. give us a special opportunity Not just to study how mummies are buried. but also how He was treated and buried twice. After many centuries by the High Priest of Amun.”

Image courtesy of Frontiers in Medicine.

“By digitally unpacking the mummy, it shows a virtual image. Whether it’s a mask, bandage, and the mummy itself We can study this well-preserved pharaoh in unprecedented detail. The results showed that Amenhotep I was around 35 years old at the time of his death. In addition, he is about 169 cm tall, circumcised, and has neat teeth. His Highness is wearing 30 lavish jewelry and amulets, including a signature gold belt with gold beads.”

“Amenhotep I had the appearance of the Father, with a narrow chin, a small narrow nose, curly hair, and slightly protruding upper teeth. We also did not find any wounds or disfigurement due to disease. to prove the cause of his death with the exception of several autopsies. Presumably because of the grave robbers after the first burial. in which the entrails were removed But there is still a brain or a heart.”

Image courtesy of Frontiers in Medicine.

The mummy of Amenhotep 1 was discovered in the year 1881 by Gaston Maspero, French egyptologist Among other royal mummies buried at a temple at Deir el Bahari in southern Egypt.

Amenhotep I was the second pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, who ruled from about 1525 to 1504 BCE. His reign marked the Golden Age of Egypt where civilization was prosperous and safe. After his death was worshiped as a god. with Queen Amos Nefertari his mother

Dr. Zahi Hawass andDr. Zahar Saleem Study the mummies of more than 40 dynasties of the New Kingdom in the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Program. Opened since 2005, all 22 royal mummies, including Amenhotep 1, are now moved in April 2021 to a new museum in Cairo.

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