Social Media Activist Commits Suicide: Controversy Surrounding Nandakumar Kolthappilly’s Appointment as IHRD Officer

Kottayam: Former Government Official Commits Suicide, Sparks Controversy

In a tragic incident, Nandakumar Kolthappilly, a retired Additional Secretary in the Secretariat and current Senior Administrative Officer of the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD), has taken his own life. The untimely demise of the former government official has raised concerns and calls for action from various quarters.

Nandakumar’s appointment at the IHRD came just a month ago, after his retirement from the Secretariat. Despite being a temporary appointment, Nandakumar is bound by the service rules of the government. However, his suicide has prompted the government to consider departmental action against him.

Social Media Allegations and Police Complaint

The news of Nandakumar’s suicide broke after Achu Umm, daughter of prominent political figure Umm Chandy, accused him of personal harassment on social media platforms. Achu, who is associated with the Umm State Women’s Commission and cyber security, filed a complaint with the police, highlighting the text of the posts and the cyber accounts on which they appeared.

Although the police recorded Achu’s statement, there has been criticism regarding their alleged failure to question Nandakumar based on her complaint. This has led to public protests, demanding a thorough investigation into the matter.

Director VA Arun Kumar heads the IHRD, where Nandakumar served as a Senior Administrative Officer. The institute has been drawn into the controversy due to Nandakumar’s role as an employee.

The case against Nandakumar Kolthappilly was filed by the police following Achu’s complaint. Nandakumar has since issued an apology. Meanwhile, the ongoing Puthu Pally by-election campaign has been overshadowed by the cyber propaganda and allegations surrounding this incident.

In recent times, Achu Umm has emerged as a vocal critic, particularly against claims associating the Prime Minister’s daughter with Veena Vijayan. These allegations have sparked intense debate within left-wing groups, with Achu Umman being at the forefront of the criticism.

Kottayam: Umm Chandy’s daughter, Achu Umm on social media Leftist activist and ex-Secretariat who committed suicide, Department Secretary Nandakumar Kolthappilly, is currently an IHRD officer. Nandakumar works in the position of Senior Administrative Officer of the IHRD.

Nandakumar, who retired from the post of Additional Secretary in the Secretariat a year ago, was appointed to the IHRD by the government a month ago. Service rules apply to Nandakumar even though he is a temporary appointment in the government service.

In this situation, the government will have to take departmental action against Nandakumar who committed suicide. VA Arun Kumar is the Director of IHRD.

In the complaint that social media is being used for personal murder, Achu U The police had recorded my statement the other day. The text of the posts and the cyber accounts on which the posts appeared. All these details are provided as a statement. At the same time, there is a big protest over the police action of not questioning Nandakumar on Achu Oommen’s complaint.

Umm Chandy’s daughter Achu is in Umm State Women’s Commission and cyber se A complaint was filed in Lille and Poojpura police station. Through social media and party platforms The complaint was respected. Para with the details of the promoted Facebook links given by

Following this, the police filed a case against Nandakumar Kolthappilly Nandakumar apologized after the complaint. Puthu Pally by-election campaign going strong. The rise of cyber e Alive in groups.

Accusing the Prime Minister’s daughter of having a relationship with Veena Vijayan On the other hand, propaganda in left-wing groups Ranam Achu Umman came to the scene with harsh criticism against this. .

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