Social media attention Hyo-ri Lee laughed at “I really enjoyed hyori’s nature for 10 years”

Uhm Jung-hwa blocked Lee Hyo-ri’s (?) social media activities in ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ and brought laughter.

tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’, which aired on the 8th, hit the airwaves.

On this day, Hwasa said, “I tend to have a lot of anger. When I make music, there are steps to the climax when I have self-doubt. “On the day I was hurting, he reality hit came.” At the same time, he remembered that it was a period where emotions exploded, saying, “I thought I should release everything (anger) on stage depending on the result.”

Lee Hyo-ri also said, “I can’t remember the words of ‘Chir-Chir-Bang-Bang’ that had the most energy, ‘Everyone go away, I’m on my way’, but I was very stressed at that time.” I sympathized.

At the same time, as in the early days of SNS, he continued to leave pictures. Hyo-ri Lee said, “I have a question,” and asked for the blue cover of the official verification account, and said, “If someone you don’t know contacts you, do you contact me or predicting the future?” At the same time, he said, “I don’t know, there’s life,” and looking forward to it, Uhm Jung-hwa laughed by saying, “Sang-soon, I can’t do it, stop social media.”

In particular, Hyo-ri Lee explained the reason for constantly communicating with fans through social media, saying, “I have really enjoyed hyori’s nature for 10 years, and I believe that Hyori wants to communicate again.”

On the other hand, tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ is a program that tells the stories of the nation’s best female artists, who have a lineage of dance singers, traveling the country, entering people’s daily lives, meeting with various fans, and enjoying together Every Thursday at 10 It is broadcast for 30 minutes. /

[사진] ‘Dance Singer Wandering Group’

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