Social media thanks Chuvit Speak for the hearts of the Thai people after the collapse of ‘Chao Chua CP’, the ‘Foreigners’ land sale clause

Social media thanks Chuvit Speak for the hearts of the Thai people after the collapse of ‘Chao Chua CP’, the ‘Foreigners’ land sale clause

In the case of Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont, the senior president of Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) gave an interview about the economic situation in 2023, at one point Mr Dhanin said “when we meet people who attack and sell land, people with knowledge we came to invest in Thailand, he came to do business for the benefit of the nation. Our land is 105 million for cultivation. He could not bring the land back to his house. He took the money to invest, buy land, buy a house, settle down. Better than traveling because he travels and comes back But foreigners come to invest Come create benefits, create jobs, make money, but can’t buy a house because they are foreigners. This is difficult in Thailand. I do not understand that I hope for the good of the country. in exchange for damaging the country.”

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On December 4, reporters reported that Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a former politician, on December 3 Post on Facebook to oppose such ideas from Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont, senior president of Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) via Chuwit Kamolwisit’s personal Facebook, stating thatselling foreign land The answer from a Thai person to the head of CP

Dear “Great CP” Rev

I listened to what the masters said about foreigners buying land rather than coming in for a temporary trip. The land was sold and he could not take it back with him, saying, “Thai people wish the country well. But instead, it harms the country. “

I would like to request permission to refund Thai people like me “The master’s great brain was about funds. just a monopoly.” a temporary visit is actually less but it has been a long time throughout the nation the whole system of accommodation Shopping costs, eating costs, travel costs, and much more, can be complete. The money is distributed equally. because of tourism Get a huge income until a street vendor

Tourists are not forced to eat, buy, monopolize as the big ones do today. As it is only temporary, it comes and goes, but if the land is monopolized by foreign capital as well It is considered a complete monopoly system. eats whole “Human food chain” according to the four factors “direction, food, medicine, clothing” the four are overwhelmed by the capital of Thailand. The last thing left, and the most important thing, is the land itself.

As for 105 million some of cultivated land We can not sell all of them, magnate Chao Chao, but all of them are “places in good locations”, regardless of whether foreign capital is stronger than China. Not going to buy a bad place That’s worthless, isn’t it? If the magnate buys in Why don’t you go and buy some 10,000 in the Isaan area to develop and build a temple? Building a school for the community

You probably wouldn’t do it, just as foreigners with more capital would pick “big fish” and leave the bones to the Thai people. The profits must also be monopolized. ” So who can do that? If it’s not a magnate like you

Ordinary traders cannot do it. From upstream to downstream, he took them all, and Thai people could not refuse to buy because of “monopoly capital” However, profit is normal for all traders. But the profits will leap forward. We must think “eat, collect, monopolize”, not allow other traders to do it. only you can do it

If not because “You have a lot of capital,” which comes from preventing other traders from competing in the market. as a land trader The country cannot go anywhere. but the money from the sale of this country can go anywhere on this planet.

If foreigners buy land in a good location and sell them at high prices to make a profit. and manipulate prices so high that Thai people can’t afford to buy Only foreigners with money can buy it. money that can be sold He was able to carry it back to his country anyway.

Then Thai people will have to buy further further. Because in a good location, it’s like a “steak” cut by foreigners, the soft, sticky, oily part is taken to eat, and the bones are thrown to Thai people to’ w chew.

Do not go for an example of the country “Dubai” because the strength system is different. Dubai land is very expensive, Dubai itself is rich, foreigners are people with less capital, that is, we see “foreigners” as millionaires, but Dubai sees foreigners as people until they How will the one thing? Can you compare it to a real example upside down?

Look in the mirror and see yourself. You can try asking your driver to see if “Why don’t you buy land and buy a house like you, and will the driver have the money to buy like you?” Foreigners come to buy houses and create jobs, such as hiring Thai people to look after them. as a housekeeper

Here he is! to say you can only think about this housekeeper How much money will he earn? Only 10,000-20,000 baht Oh, it’s like creating a job for Makro, Lotus, Saith. You are the rich person. The job extension is cashier, driver, driver.

It creates jobs for people who only have to eat for a day. Spending on travel expenses, dining expenses, no savings left But who is rich and rich is big or not true, you can say. And look at foreigners like “China Tao” coming to buy houses, build villages, organize parties, live together without being considerate of anyone. because he is a millionaire bothering neighbors without anyone daring to ban because of the wealth

Don’t think it’s a small thing. When making a winch at the village level, you can buy it. Next, they can buy at the level of the two streets and sub-districts. Even America itself has found “China Town” although it has a strong legal system.

And when he found it, he is even better than Du Hao. One person can attract 1,000 rai from land in a location like Phuket or Sathorn. There are 100 foreigners like Tu Hao who can make 100,000 rai. Chinese people have a population of 1,400 million people. Take only 10% of the rich, it is 140 million people. Take only 5%, it is still 70 million people, as much as the entire Thai population. This is only for the rich Chinese people.

If China comes to buy a whole province The population of one province in Thailand is only 1 million people. Chinese capital is very comfortable to buy. In the future, the name of the Thai province may be changed to “Jean Nakhon” and most importantly, we never discriminate.

Of course, there are many good Chinese people. Ancestors traveled across the water, across the sea, settled in Thailand. But who can control China If there are 100,000 “China Tao”, how much chaos will it cause?

You have to think about the economy at the “macro” level The meaning is “big picture”, not just looking at “money” as a starting point. Thailand is not ready yet, magnate. The laws are weak. Government officials are greedy for money, only now, foreigners are not allowed to buy land. There is a way to buy As China buys whole villages, raise condo floors by setting up a Thai rental company as a “nominee or agent”, holding a large share and then transferring the shares back.

They chased and bought almost the whole village. The seller is happy to sell all. But did you ever pay attention after this? How can they live together as a Thai person? It is wrong to bring cash. Because I don’t know the source of the money, maybe selling drugs, taken from online gambling. And how can a Thai person who makes a living take the capital to fight honestly?

This is a system of unfair competition, “big fish eating small fish” in the style of a magnate who tends to operate, thinking only of money. not thinking about the stability of the society He traded until he became rich and enormous until today. Have you ever won by spending more capital? Keeping competitors out of the market!?

That’s what happens. If foreigners are allowed in. More difficult than that is that Thai people will become foreigners. be a freak In the father’s land, the mother’s own land, but like that, there are people like CP magnates Your company that claims to be a Thai company It’s not. Your company is a joint venture with foreigners until it becomes a “multinational company”.

But “shares”, that’s not just “land”. Are you going to sell the land too? So what else are you going to sell?

News reports that such a job by Mr. Chuwit. Widely shared and talked about in the online world and everyone came to comment thanking Chuvit for speaking on behalf of the Thai people.

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