Society’s double standards in extramarital affairs for women

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Love Address deals with three types of love namely college love, premarital love and extramarital love. In this, the film deals very seriously with extramarital love. The film shows the extramarital affairs of a man and a woman. If the woman’s story is told in one sentence, the man’s story is presented in detail.

After marriage, Rajiv meets his old girlfriend when his son reaches college age. With that, Rajiv becomes younger than his son. He starts wearing denim shirts again, saying the sugarcane shirt is a design, walks around singing, goes to meet his girlfriend at night at the college where he has duty, and smokes cigarettes with them. A special kind of energy is seen in him at that time.

Meanwhile he ignores his wife who is alone at home. He and his son are served, and they go on in the pattern that most women in Kerala live without receiving any consideration or love. When his ex-girlfriend calls him, a frantic Rajeev doesn’t even answer when his wife tells him she wants to go to the cinema. That day, he goes to see the Spider-Man movie with his ex-girlfriend. It must be remembered that the last English film Rajiv saw was Anakonda.

While his life is progressing in this romantic way, some unexpected things happen in his life. After that he comes to know about his wife’s love. With that, Rajeev’s balance is lost. Rajeev, who has lost his sense of self after drinking toddy, laments that his wife is not who he thought she was.

He sees his pure deep love while his wife’s love is sinful and corrupt. A man’s sense that his wife is his personal property, whether he loves her or not, is also at work here. But the son is more open-minded. When he finds out about his mother’s love, he does not create emotional dramatic scenes like his father. Instead, he tries to get to know his mother, whom he has never met, more. Rajeev in the film reflects the double standard of the society when he comes to know about the woman’s extramarital affair.

Content highlights: Society’s double standards in extramarital relations for women pranaya vilasam


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