‘Sodom’, the Thailand Mixed Swing Champion, receives 7.5 hundred thousand baht

Saturday, January 1, 2022, 00.25 a.m.

“Pro Petch” No. 2 Sodom Kaewkanjana, a 23-year-old golfer from Narathiwat. Revealing his delight after finishing the game with a total score of 29 under par 259, winning the Thailand Mix Host by Trust Golf Championship, the last course at Aquella Golf and Country Club, Phang Nga Province on Friday, December 31, 2021. Received Prize money 750,000 baht with scholarships Bachelor’s degree until Ph.D. from Rangsit University, with Wichayapat Sinsang, a 24-year-old swinger from Korat, won 2nd place with a total score of 27 under par 261, receiving a prize of 500,000 baht. “Pro Wan” Jaravee Boonchan Rookie A 22-year-old girl, a foreign student, and “Pro April” Chanoknan Angkoraserani, a 17-year-old golfer from Saraburi, are two of the best female professional golfers at 10th place, sharing a total score of 19 under. Par 269, while “Nong TK” Ratchanon Chantananuwat and “Nong Sim” Natkritta Wongthaveelarp, ​​2 rising stars, received the best amateur golfer award, male and female at the score. Total equal 21 under par 267
Trust Golf organizes the “Trust Golf Tour 2021”. This match is the 5th and last course in the “Thailand Mix Host by Trust Golf” under the concept of “The Last Chapter 2021”. Compete in stroke play 4. Day 72 holes, competing for a total prize money of 5 million baht. The champion receives a prize of 750,000 baht during 28-31 December 2021 at Aquella Golf and Country Club, par 72, men’s distance 7,018 yards, women’s distance 6,179. yard
Finished the final round on Friday, December 31, “Pro Petch 2” Sodom Kaewkanjana, a 23-year-old golfer from Narathiwat. Before starting this round, the score follows a single stroke leader. Before collecting another 8-under-par 64 from the results of 7 birdies, 1 bogey and 1 eagle caused by holes 14, par 5, scoring a total of four days 29 under par 259, won the championship in this event. Receive a prize money of 750,000 baht and receive a golf scholarship of Rangsit University from Dr. Arthit Urairat from bachelor’s degree to doctorate degree as well
Pro Sodom won this championship, the fifth item of the year 2021, together with “Protun” Manop Santhea, who took the responsibility of holding the bag for the first time, said, “First of all, thank you father and mother, Singha Company” X” Methee Suthat Na Ayudhaya, who is generous to the practice site during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sing Phatthana Khon Kaen I’m glad that I got a good opportunity like this. I want to thank Dr. Prin Singhanat Trust Golf for hosting the Thailand Mix battle. This round is considered a good start because I made 4 birdies in a row, making the game flow smoothly. But stumbled at hole 9 before making an eagle at hole 14, it was a turning point for today that made me more confident and came to collect 2 birdies from holes 17 and 18, considered proud to have succeeded. because this time is confident Especially short balls that can do better, chances are difficult to lose because this week only 2 bogeys are lost.
Scholarships that Golf Trust offers scholarships in golf by Dr. Arthit Urairat, President of Rangsit University. Who is about to open a golf course in the academic year 2022, Pro Petch revealed that “I’m glad to receive a scholarship. and see it as a good opportunity especially bringing knowledge to the next level to develop further After this, I will spend time celebrating the new year with my family. before returning to practice The next target is the Asian Tour battle in Singapore next year.”
Wichayapat Sinsang, a 24-year-old swinger from Nakhon Ratchasima. This round added another 5 under par 67, scoring a total of 27 under par 261, winning a total prize of 500,000 baht, with Prom Meesawad, a golfer from Hua Hin, the owner of 2 championships in the Thailand Mix, taking 3rd place with a total score of 25 under par 263. Received a prize of 3 hundred thousand baht while “Pro Fluke” Ratanon Wannasrichand A golfer from Chanthaburi scores a total of 23 under par 265, receives a prize of 250,000 baht.
“Nong TK” Ratchachanon Chantananuwat, a 14-year-old swinger from Bangkok, collects this round for another 2 under par 70, scoring a total of 21 under par 267, equal to “Nong Sim” Natkritta. Wong Taweelap, a 19-year-old Thai national golfer from Chonburi, who entered this round 3 under par 69, won the best amateur golfer award, male and female, for “Pro Wan” Jaravee. Boonchan, a 22-year-old female golfer, and “Pro April” Chanoknan Angkoraserani, a 17-year-old golfer from Saraburi, are two of the best female professional golfers with 10th place from 19 performances. Under Par 269
Dr. Prin Singhanat, Founder of Golf Trust The person behind the success of the Thailand Mix competition said, “This year is a challenging year. because they have to face various crises Especially with the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus until Thailand, we have organized the competition. especially at the end of more than 14 weeks with 38 competitions We consider Thailand to be successful in organizing sporting events. Especially golfers, we have more income. Congratulations to the champion
259 (-29) Sodom Kaewkanjana 65-64-66-64 (prize money 750,000 baht)
261 (-27) Wichayapat Sinsang 64-63-67-67 (500,000 baht prize money)
263 (-25) Prom Meesawad 64-65-69-65 (300,000 baht prize money)
265 (-23) Ratanon Wannasrichand 69-68-64-64 (prize money 250,000 baht)
266 (-22) Thanaphat Pichaikul 69-65-65-6 (prize money 174,500 baht)
267 (-21) Natkrita Wongthaveelarp (Amateur) 69-66-63-69 (-)
Ratchachanon Chantananuwat (Amateur) 63-65-69-70 (-)
268 (-20) Nitithorn Thippong 66-68-69-65 (153,750 baht prize money)
Chapchai Nirat 67-69-64-68 (prize money 153,750 baht)
269 ​​(-19) Jaravee Bunchan 71-67-66-65 (prize money 128,237.50 baht)
Atirut Winaicharoenchai 69-69-65-66 (prize money 128,237.50 baht)
Kamlas Namuangrak 69-66-67-67 (prize money 128,237.50 baht)
Chanoknan Angkoraserani 64-68-66-71 (prize money 128,237.50 baht)
270 (-18) Pornanong Petchlum 64-69-69-68 (prize money 96,833.33 baht)
Chanetti Wansaen 69-67-66-68 (prize money 96,833.33 baht)
Pawarisa Yok Thuan 66-69-61-74 (prize money 96,833.33 baht)



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