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Soft baht! Open at 33.14 baht per dollar – Post Today Financial News – Stocks

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Weak baht! Open at 33.14 baht per dollar.

Date 24 Nov 2021 time 09:27 a.m.

Thai baht opened the market at 33.14 baht per dollar. Market depreciation Flow-Covid situation-US economic numbers

A treasury manager from the Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened this morning at 33.14 baht/dollar from yesterday evening at 33.04 baht/dollar.

This morning, the baht depreciated from yesterday evening. As the US dollar strengthened after US Treasury yields rose. Including the price of gold in the world market dropped. As a result, there may be a flow of gold imports from the domestic gold traders.

“During this period, the price of gold, oil, and capital movements must be monitored. Now the money coming in on the Bond side is fading, while at the same time we have to look at the coronavirus situation in Europe. because it may have some effect on Thai tourism during the high season,” said the Treasury Manager.

treasury Estimated the movement of the baht today at 33.00 – 33.20 baht/dollar. Factors to be monitored tonight. Most of them are reporting US economic numbers such as 3Q19 GDP (2nd projection) October new home sales, as well as the minutes of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on 2-3 November.


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