Soft Power, light power in variety

What is the idea behind success? of “Korea” culture and values ​​that make people around the world turn their attention and how far will Thai soft power go? “Someone…one of many” this Sunday has the answer.

Although it used to be a country that has never played a role in culture on the world stage before. But in recent years, “South Korea” has risen to be the king of bringing cultural capital to create soft power. through a variety of entertainment media until it is received
What motivates people to be open and want to get to know South Korea It could be traditional culture. or a culture that combines contemporary But than to be known by people around the world. His house has been through quite a few struggles.

The 1987 uprising of South Korean students and citizens demanding democracy from the military dictatorship. This is considered an important social and cultural turning point. Which, after the country became a democracy, the new generation “Gen X” with the idea that “This is who I am” brought my own tastes and attitudes to a great deal of influence on film production, theater and music.

telling a simple story To reflect the dark side of society, like the film Parasite or Squid Game, it appears all over the world.

Create free content supported by the government Make Korean culture very popular. According to 2020 reference data, Korea’s content industry comes from creating cultural capital. Generate income for the country about 12 billion US dollars. which is considered a higher proportion of income than exports of electrical equipment

Creating an accessible cultural identity It’s a charm that attracts people to flock in to follow. like the city of Pohang You will find the posters of the “Home Town Cha Cha Cha” series scattered throughout the city. reflecting the busy tourism industry Although this series has been retired for many years.

Moved to the music industry known as K-pop, which combines many cultural elements. Including the combination of rhythmic R & B songs and rap of hip-hop or even combining genres of tropical house music together Combined with the unison dancing, the dress, the hairstyle all have perfectly connected.

turn to look at our house There is a cultural capital known all over the world, whether it is Muay Thai, Thai food, Thai dance, massage, respirator, elephant pants, etc. Recently, our Y series is still very popular. Some stories have been translated into more than 10 languages, including still winning the hearts of Japanese pupils who are considered the prototype of this type of story.

look back Popularity trend of Y Thai series It reflects our nation’s acceptance of LGBT people. which is considered to create some image for the country that is deeper than the presentation of male homosexuality

Follow the challenge of soft power that is more than a work of art. Or the entertainment industry, episode “Soft Power, the hidden power in diversity” Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 9:30 am on MCOT HD 30. Watch back on Facebook and YouTube: documentary SOME ONE, one of many


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