Softball Refrigerators Get Started For Excellence In Orlando

Dark clouds collect over Central Florida's softball morning on Sunday morning in Orlando, Fla. Rain hinders the cancellation of today's Miss Ole / Ohio State game.

Mother Nature was the last match of the Jaclyn Friends Tournament from Ole Miss in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, but he was the first bet of a new season for the rebels.

The tournament Ole Miss completed a 3-1 mark with talents over Central Florida hosting (3-0), No. 21 Minnesota (3-1) and George Mason (8-0). The only slave came on Friday when Ohio State Ole Miss hit a single wing of the battle, which was a big slaughter with a 4-2 loss. Rain restored with the Ohio State on Sunday morning.

Queen Ole Miss, the coach and coach's services Mike Smith, who was a weekend suspension that was announced suddenly last Wednesday shortly before his team stressed the plane bound for Orlando. Tell Miss Miss Spiorad's sources that Smith's suspension has no unacceptable impact on university suspension, but that was not well explained by university sources. In the release, the university said that Smith was suspended "because he did not expect the university's prospects for the operation of the program." It is hoped he will be back at the program's run on Monday.

In the comedy of Smith in Orlando was the co-ordinator of the committee of Ruben Felix.

Anna Borgen (Photo: OMA)

Sans for a third time serving from sophomore Ava Tillmann in losing Friday to Ohio State, Ole Miss gets pitching A + on the weekend. Rebel team seems to be as diverse as deep as announced, who is very dependent on the ex-dependence of former Kaitlin Lee Ace we have watched over the last two years.

British working Finney, Tillmann and Molly Jacobsen started full games. The length of Anna Borgen's distance could also be the start of an 8-0 George Mason race, but Ole Miss was successful in the modern author promised by Savannah Diederich. He said all, Ole's Miss 25 innings pitchers took place in Orlando, allowing only four surprises earned against a range of quality. Through the first four games, the pitching team has an average run of 1.12. The Officials met in Orlando hit .133 against Ole Miss pitching. Also of a note, released Ole Miss's pitchers only through walks over the 25 of those events.

Last week, Smith pointed out that Jacobsen's game was probably two starts against Ohio State, but the brakes were applied to that decision and for a good reason. Post-assistant Ole Miss, Katie Rietkovich, opens Oxford over the season to take a stand on the Minnesota team. Rietkovich had comprehensive information on all the Miss Ole Miss pitcher except Jacobsen, who did not reach campus until the second from Minnesota. Therefore, Ole Miss decided to hold Jacobsen for his game with the Golden Gophers ranked nationally. Of course, pay out the decision.

This team has a little bit of everything and there are two cliers and three handsets together for different Arsenal. This should make huge dividends when a SEC player comes.

Autumn Gillespie (Photo: OMA)

Abby Latham was the big bats over the weekend and they did everything Brittany Finney. Latham beat 333 for the competition, 4-to-12 running with home run and four high RBI teams. Finney .364 hit, going 4 for 11 people and three RBIs. Kaylee Horton was the most consistent stick in Orlando with a 5-stop attempt at 13 at the plate.

In addition, Horton gave a speed on the basic paths, as it was successful at five of six tire efforts. The Toys attempted to steal 14-to-15 stalks in Orlando, including a few plate at home, and are manufactured when they are forced to do so.

In contrast, with Autumn Gillespie unacceptable behind the plate, opponents once again missed Ole Miss and were unsuccessful with that effort.

Amanda Roth did not take this third bond this week in Orlando. We let us know that nursing is a handicapped injury and precautionary reasons have been discovered. Roth, sophomore, finished the last of the last season's team with her at home.

The rebels will not have enough time at home. They will be boarding an airplane soon in the morning of Tuesday, which is heading the West Coast, where their final destination will be hosting Stacey Winsberg Memorial Tournament in Westwood, Calif., At UCLA. Before beginning to play in the competition, Ole Miss will play one game Thursday compared to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles for 4 p.m. CT started.

Thursday, February 14 | Loyola Marymount | 4 p.m. CT

Friday, February 15 Ole Miss v. UC-Riverside 11 a.m. CT
Friday, February 15 Ole Miss v. Cal Poly | 1:30 p.m. CT
Saturday, February 16 | Ole Miss v. Oregon State 4 p.m. CT
Saturday, February 16 | Ole Miss v. UCLA 6:30 p.m. CT

Sun., February 17 | Ole Miss v. Boise State 11 a.m. CT (Long Beach, Calif.)

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