Home Business ‘Solar’ orders to accelerate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Gov. Deng took 3 measures to aim for

‘Solar’ orders to accelerate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Gov. Deng took 3 measures to aim for

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‘Suriya’ orders to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gases

Mr. Suriya Chuengroongruangkit Minister of Industry Revealed that, according to the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change negotiated during the 21st meeting of the Members of the United Nations Framework Convention or UNFCCC in Paris (Paris Agreement) with members More than 189 countries around the world share in driving Thailand has a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-25 percent by 2030 or 2030 in three main sectors: energy and transportation. Field of industrial process and product use And waste management field Which joining as a party to the said Convention It demonstrates the role, participation and responsibility of Thailand and its people as part of the global community. At the same time, reducing greenhouse gases and switching to clean technology. It will deliver co-benefit in terms of quality of the environment and the quality of life of the people. Including the industrial sector of the country that will have a sustainable development

“I have ordered the Department of Industrial Works (the Ministry of Industry) to accelerate the action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the country from 2021 to 2030, in which industrial sectors involved in greenhouse gas reduction. Both from the production process Product use Waste management Use of renewable energy And increasing energy efficiency In the past, the Ministry Has continuously promoted and operated relevant Especially the policy to promote the growth of the environmentally friendly industrial sector Green industry development and eco industry Promoting circular economy principles and increasing the efficiency of resource utilization By circulating industrial waste to be utilized to achieve the goals set And take care of the environment as much as possible, “said Suriya.

Mr. Prakob Viitchinda, Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works (GPF) Continued that the GPA has been assigned to prepare a national greenhouse gas reduction action plan for the year 2021-2030 in the field of industrial processes and product use (IPPU), including industrial wastewater. The Action Plan consists of 3 main measures: 1) Clinker replacement measures. By using clinker substitutes in the hydraulic cement production process And the use of cement substitute material increased in ready-mixed concrete. 2) Refrigerant replacement / modification measures By modifying the refrigerant under the nation’s appropriate energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction program in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. And proper disposal of waste and refrigerant; and 3) industrial wastewater management measures. By increasing the biogas production from industrial wastewater by reusing methane gas, which is the first three measures that operators have ready and the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial process and production sectors. Use the product Including industrial wastewater

For the action plan Established measures to support greenhouse gas reduction, such as developing a Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system, building capacity, awareness and participation in GHG reduction operations. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the area that the IFA is responsible for in the field of industrial processes and product use. And industrial wastewater fields by the year 2030, totaling 2.25 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent From the overall picture of the country totaling 115.6 million tons in three branches, comprising 113.0 million tons of energy and transportation, 2.0 million tons of waste management.

“In 2021, the IIS is in the process of reporting and monitoring the reduction of industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Which covers activities to study and develop refrigerant waste management system Including the assessment of the potential for greenhouse gas reduction from refrigerant waste disposal measures as well. Global warming problems from carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions. Today, many countries around the world have taken great importance with declaring carbon neutrality or reducing their carbon neutral or greenhouse gas emissions, and in practice it should be more apparent at the General Assembly. Parties to the 26th United Nations Convention on Climate Change, or COP26, co-hosted by the United Kingdom with Italy in November 2021, ”Prakob said.

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