‘Soldier mockery’ consolation letter noisy… Controversy over forced letter writing

Blue House petition to ‘ban consolation letters from girls’ high schools’… School expressed regret


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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Yu-Dam Hong = A public petition was raised to remove the anti-compulsory letter of consolation amid controversy as a letter of consolation mocking the military was published on the Internet.

According to Yonhap News coverage on the 12th, photos of military consolation letters written by the author as a female high school student have spread through online communities and social networking services (SNS) recently.

The letter, which was written on December 30, last year, contained ridiculing content such as “There will be many trials in life, but you have to overcome this level to be a man?”

In another letter, sexually harassing expressions such as “don’t pick up soap in the military” were also used. The expression ‘picking up soap’ is a slang term for sexual assault between the same sex in the military.

The students are said to have claimed that they were “forced to write a letter.”

An online community user who identified himself as a student at the school claimed, “The school almost forced me to use my volunteer hours as an excuse.”

He continued, “I think the students were also swept away by the atmosphere and became angry because they were forced to write.” “Instead, I apologize.”

On the same day, a petition titled ‘Please ban letters of consolation forced by girls’ high schools’ appeared on the bulletin board of the Blue House petition.

The petitioner wrote, “It is a big problem to have to write a letter of consolation regardless of one’s will.

He added, “The warnings distributed to the students at the school clearly state that ‘exposing personal information can cause serious damage’.”

Some critics were raised, such as “The ridicule of the soldiers who defend the country crossed the line” and “We need to educate the soldiers on respect.”

Meanwhile, another controversy arose when some online community users leaked personal information of girls’ high school students and sent sexual harassment messages through SNS.

The school said on its website on the same day, “We are very sorry that the original purpose and meaning of the event were severely distorted due to inappropriate expressions of some of the condolence letters.” We will pay close attention so that the purpose and purpose of the company are not undermined.”

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said, “The military base that received the letter has a sisterhood relationship with the school for a long time.


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