Solga Korea to introduce ‘Immune Vitamin D3 2000 with Zinc’

Solga Korea newly introduced ‘Immune Vitamin D3 2000 with Zinc’.

‘Immune Vitamin D3 2000 with Zinc’ is a health functional food containing vitamin D and zinc. Zinc is a raw material recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its dual function of normal immune function and cell division.

‘Immune Vitamin D3 2000 with Zinc’ uses Swiss premium vitamin D3 from DSM, a global vitamin raw material company with a 120-year tradition. It contains 2000 IU per tablet, and only one tablet met 500% of the 400 IU daily intake of vitamin D announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The mini size is easy to swallow, and it is easy to swallow. Take 1 tablet a day with water. In accordance with the ‘four-free’ rule, no coloring agents, sweeteners, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives have been added.

An official from Solga Korea said, “The multifunctional health functional food ‘Immune Vitamin D3 2000 with Zinc’ is a product that is more helpful in summer when immunity and physical fitness management are important.” Correspondent Sohyeong Kim

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