solidarity march down Sawankhalok Police Station Page After the report of the vicious bull attack – Khaosod

Online outrage Trip to Sawankhalok Police Station page After reporting the incident, the fierce bull was hit Netizens have a clear clip like this It is definitely difficult to interpret otherwise.

On November 24, 2022, netizens are united in the journey down.‘Sawankhalok Provincial Police Station’ Facebook page After reporting the accident of a Red Lamborghini car with a pickup truck at the intersection of the airport entrance, Khlong Krajong Subdistrict, Sawankhalok District, Sukhothai Province, after writing on the page informing that the pickup truck collided with a luxury car

There are people who come to give comments and inform that there is a clip clearly showing that the nickname is the fierce bull on the car. turn from the far lane Then collide with a pickup truck driving straight. which is already a buzz in the online world

Read the news, the bull is still strong, whether it’s Spain or Lamborghini turning far in the pickup truck’s hit lane

The page has explained to those who came to comment that it would draw attention to who was right and who was against the traffic law. It is the duty of the investigating officer or the owner of the case. Which is still criticized by netizens anyway

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