´Solo Hell´ Freesia ”There were a lot of idol offers, but the reason I turned down… ”

Freesia, who is gaining popularity through Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’, revealed the reason why she rejected many idol offers.

Freesia held a Q&A on her YouTube channel on the 11th to commemorate the 1 million subscribers mark. On this day, when asked if she had ever received an idol offer, Freesia said, “I have received many idol offers.”

Freesia said, “The reason I refused is because I honestly don’t like singing. I didn’t really want to.” “I’m the type of person who unconditionally does what I want, but singing and dancing doesn’t seem right for me.”

Meanwhile, ‘Solo Hell’, in which Freesia appeared, was the first Korean entertainment show since its premiere on December 18 last year, and it climbed the global rankings on Netflix TV shows.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team



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