‘Solo Hell’ Song Jia Controversy over fake luxury clothes… Chanel and Dior were all fake

YouTuber Song Ji-ah, who appeared in the Netflix entertainment program ‘Solo Hell’, was caught up in suspicions of wearing fake luxury goods.

Recently, the YouTube channel ‘Taldeok Camp’ claimed that the Van & Cleef necklace, Dior tank top, and Chanel cropped T-shirt that Song Ji-ah wore in Solo Hell were fake.

One netizen asked, “Is this half-leaf necklace the right size for magic?” along with a picture of Song Ji-ah in an online cafe. The four-leaf clover-shaped necklace worn by Song Ji-ah is a representative design of French brand Van Fleet & Arpels. The largest size, the Magic, is priced at 5.7 million won. There were many comments on this post saying that Song Ji-ah’s necklace was not genuine. The actual necklace chain connection starts from the top of the clover, but the necklace that Song Ji-ah wears starts with a hollow. He pointed out that the product is only sold in white gold and platinum, but the color is different from the necklace that Song Ji-ah is wearing.

Song Ji-ah appeared in Solo Hell several times wearing luxury clothes. Suspicions have been raised that the pink tube top with the Dior logo on it is a product that has never been officially launched by Dior. T-shirts similar to those worn by Song Ji-ah are being sold for 16,000 won at a clothing shopping mall.

The Chanel knit t-shirt that Song Ji-ah wore in Solo Hell is also known to be slightly different from the genuine one. The color of the T-shirt was clearer than the original Chanel, and the thickness of the logo on the chest was different. Song Ji-ah’s agency, Hyowon CNC, said, “This is the first time I’ve heard of the controversy.”



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