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Solskjaer again? Man Utd loses the most points against a promoted team since the inauguration of the PL

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▲ Manchester United, who lost 1-4 at Watford for the promotion team, recorded the most goals scored against the promotion team since 1989

▲ The biggest problem is defensive anxiety, conceding 29 goals this season alone. 3rd most conceded after Norwich and Leicester City (based on Watford)

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Could it be worse than this? Manchester United have achieved another humiliating record. This time it was directed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. If you look at the recent appearance, you will forget that he led the team to the top of Europe as a ‘super serve’ during the treble. That’s how serious it is.

It was a complete defeat. Despite the power dominance, it was not at all. The attack was frustrating, and the defense was shaken. They tried to reverse the game by replacing players in the second half, but nothing changed. The result of that return was a 1-4 loss against Watford.

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Manchester United knelt 1-4 in the away game against Watford in the ‘2021/2022 Premier League Round 12’ held at Vicarage Road on the morning of the 20th (Korean time). He scored two goals in the first half alone. Without De Gea’s penalty save, he would have conceded three goals in the first half alone.

Pan the Big’s catch-up goal saved the chase, but it eventually collapsed. Manchester United conceded two goals in extra time in the second half and suffered a humiliating defeat. Neither Ronaldo nor Bruno Fernandes were scored.

Man Utd opposing Watford is a promoted team. Prior to Manchester United, they were 17th in the league standings. The victory over Manchester United moved him up to 16th and saved the mid-table rebound. On the other hand, Manchester United, who are unbeaten in three consecutive league matches, have fallen to 7th place. At the same time, Wolverhampton caught West Ham was a variable. They are unbeaten in three consecutive matches, including the match against Atalanta.

Soccer statistics media ‘OPTA’ also blew a pack width (?) with a record against Manchester United, who lost 1-4 to Watford. The first is the record against the promoted team. It is the first time since the start of the Premier League that Manchester United have conceded four goals in a match against a promoted team. The previous record was a 1-5 loss to Manchester City in September 1989.

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The reason why Manchester United kept slipping is the great defensive instability. Against Watford, the opponent struggled even more after Maguire’s cumulative red cards in the middle of the second half. Looking at the season as a whole, United have conceded 29 goals in 12 games this season. Norwich and Leicester City are the only clubs conceding more goals than United. In both teams, Manchester United’s defense is far superior to the name value. Although missing due to injury, United brought one of the best centre-backs to date in the summer transfer window, Rafael Varane.

Especially in the league, based on the last 4 matches, they have 1 win and 3 losses. They lost 0-5 to Liverpool, and also lost 2-0 to Manchester City. They beat Tottenham 3-0 in the middle, but the atmosphere there was even worse than Manchester United. The result against Watford was a 1-4 loss. For reference, Manchester United’s next league schedule is an away trip to Chelsea. After that, they play a home game against Arsenal. Even a fourth consecutive league loss is not an impossible scenario.

Photo = Getty Images / Goal.com

Data Source = Opta


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