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Solskjaer sacked… Panda Bake Sancho ‘open wide’ Ronaldo Buffet ‘Crying’

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The Sun homepage capture.Manchester United’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked.

Manchester United announced on the 21st (Korean time) the sacking of Solskjaer. The reason is the sluggish performance with 17 points and 7th place with 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. He is the sixth manager to step down in the English Premier League for the 2021-2022 season.

Players who did not get the opportunity have their expectations for a new managerial position, and the players Solskjaer played with cannot be free from responsibility for the manager’s sacking.

Britain’s The Sun analyzed the winners and losers within United after Solskjaer’s sacking, saying, “The best winners of Manchester United after Solskjaer’s sack are Donnie van derweek and Jaden Sancho. They have a new opportunity. But Cristiano Ronaldo will be a concern.”

The winners chosen by The Sun are Panderweek, Sancho and Jesse Lingard. All three did not get a chance under Solskjaer.

The Dutch native van derweek left Ajax in September 2020 and joined Manchester United. Expectations were high, but Solskjaer did not take Pan derweek seriously. In the 2020-2021 season, the Premier League starts four games. He has only made three substitutions this season.

Sancho is in a similar situation. Manchester United spent two years trying to sign Sancho. In the end, he paid a transfer fee of 73 million pounds (about 114 billion won) to Borussia Dortmund to bring Sancho, but he only started four games.

Jesse Lingard was also voted the winner. Lingard was loaned out to West Ham United last season after failing to find a place under Solskjaer. He made a comeback with nine goals in 16 games for West Ham, but his chances diminished after returning to United. Appeared in 6 games.

However, Panderweek, Sancho and Lingard are expected to enter a new phase with the sacking of Solskjaer.

On the other hand, there are players who have lost after Solskjaer was sacked. Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandez, Scott McTominay, Fred. These are the players who received the full support of coach Solskjaer.

Ronaldo, who has played with Solskjaer during his active years, has been at the forefront since moving to Manchester United. He has scored 4 goals (league) in 9 matches, but controversy ensues. It is criticized for being weak in defense. The Sun predicted: “A manager other than Ronaldo’s former teammate will think he doesn’t need to have Ronaldo at the forefront every game.”

Fernandes is a key midfielder for Manchester United. Last season, he led Manchester United with 18 goals and 12 assists. He has also scored 4 goals in 12 games this season. However, The Sun explained, “Solskjaer never gave up the attacking midfielder who was synonymous with his best moments. But after being sacked, players like Panderweek and Lingard may have a chance.”

The Sun grouped McTominay and Fred together as ‘Macfred’, emphasizing that “Man United fans are tired of the two in midfield.”

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