Solve the doubts of “Covid patients” free treatment after 1 July. July What should I do if I’m infected with covids?

Dr. Jadet Thammathathaari, secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), said the NHSO is in the process of preparing according to the government’s policy. to support the progress towards endemic diseases It will be considered by the NHSO board on July 4, 2022.

But there is a misunderstanding that from July 1, 2022, NHSO will float the raft of Covid-19 patients. NHSO would like to clarify and confirm that there is no floating raft of Covid-19 patients in any way. Patients are still receiving free treatment. No cost as usual

People showing signs of being infected with coronavirus

  • ATK test kits can be obtained at participating pharmacies near home through the Pao Tang app or by using their ID card to pick them up. for instant confirmation
  • If it goes up 2 lines, it’s a positive result of being infected with COVID-19. The group with mild symptoms or the green group received treatment at the outpatient department at the right-of-way or primary care unit in the area according to the 30 baht policy, treated everywhere. will be treated according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health or call the pharmacy as listed on the website NHSO to receive medicines according to the project. Found and distributed at pharmacies as well.
  • In the case of a high-risk group or group 608 or having severe symptoms will be considered to see a doctor to receive treatment If the doctor provides any treatment at the discretion of the physician The right to medical care for each person will be covered.
  • For patients with gold patents, 30 baht, NHSO takes care of all expenses. If the doctor has discretion to treat with Home Isolation or is an inpatient, must attend hospital It is also in the coverage of benefits.
  • If you have an emergency illness according to the yellow-red criteria, you can use UCEP Plus to be admitted to the nearest hospital for free.
  • NHSO hotline 1330 after 1 July 2022 infected with COVID-19 No need to call, but if you have any questions about what to do Call to inquire about the procedure.
  • If symptoms worsen, what should I do next? Or want to coordinate to find a bed to be hospitalized, you can call as well, said the NHSO secretary general.

For more information, please contact NHSO hotline 1330 or online system, including LINE NHSO, Line ID @nhso or click and Facebook: National Health Security Office.

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