Solve the formula for success ‘Engagement – Entertainment’, an important puzzle to make ‘Shopee’ bang.

While Entertainment organized through various games on the app in Shopee Prizes, which is considered another signature of Shopee. that has been very popular There are fun events to win prizes, from Shopee Coins, discount codes, to big prizes like gold, cars and houses. Games on the Shopee app designed to be social, for example, players can have fun with their friends. By watering each other in the Shopee Farm game to earn rewards even faster. Popular games include Shopee Shake Shake, Daily Prizes, Shopee Candy, Shopee Pets, Shopee Bubble, and more. Over 400 million games were played during Shopee 11.11 Big Sale during Shopee Prizes to meet demand. entertainment that comes with special prizes

As for the highlight activities on D-Day with a TV show (Shopee TV Show) that integrates offline channels such as television. and online channels in the application Shopee has brought both celebrity game shows and shopping with exclusive deals that are only available in the list. Shows during the 11.11 campaign had more than 150% more viewership compared to the same period last year.

for Entertainment in the fair Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale There will be both Shopee Live Marathon: Celebrate birthdays on December 11th and 12th with Shopee Live Marathon, where in addition to discount codes and Shopee Coins, Shopee will also get a team of top celebrity Yin-. War, BNK48, C-New, Mew Supasit, with the most exclusive surprises from the boys TOMORROW X TOGETHER, who will bring the ultimate happiness through the show with special interview clips. and a chance to win a signed album from the boys on the 12th of the 12th at 21:30 on Shopee Live

Solve the formula for success 'Engagement - Entertainment', an important puzzle to make 'Shopee' bang.

There will also be major collaborations like Brand’s Suntory x Opal, Sulwhasoo x Gulf, and The Bodyshop x ThreeMandown.



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