Solve the mystery to find “Nong Tor”, an 8 month old boy who lost the mystery from the bed. when parents sleep

Reporters reported that Many officers went to the house in Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province, which was home to Mr Sithichok Saeng, 19, and Ms Pilaiporn, 16, the father and mother of the missing boy, Torsak Saeng, or his 8 – younger brother a month old. Going since 5 Feb.

Police Colonel Sutee Wannasutra, Superintendent of Bang Luang Police Station coordinated the Nakhon Pathom Suksalanukroh Foundation lead diver came down to search for a canal that connects to the Tha Chin River About 300 meters from the back of Nong Tor’s house, including coordinating police dogs to search the forest near the canal too.

In terms of questioning Nong To’s father and mother without being able to investigate much. because of referring to crying all the time When asked about anything, the answer was “I don’t know” so the police had to split the uniforms into two teams. is a set of questions to those who take part and the other is a search kit in the child’s home neighbourhood.

It also invites relevant people to testify. and send officers to inspect the homes of those involved Including the issue that must be noted whether it is related to the child’s mother’s ex-boyfriend or not. The police officer already knows the name and has information. It is in the process of coordinating and following up for questioning.

at 11:00 am on 6 February, 2023 Missing people information center Mirror Foundation report, in the case of Nong Tor, a missing child, 8 months old, said that the Mirror Foundation team Go to the area to follow up on the case of Nong Tor, a missing 8-month-old boy who disappeared yesterday (February 5, 2023 ) in Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province, for reporting the following basic facts:

1. Accident site It is a lane about 200 meters from the main road, and there are houses of people along the alley. Characteristics of a traditional community Ban Dek is lost on the road in the lane.

2. Soi Baan Dek Ar Goll It is connected to other lanes, not a dead end, and there are many pedestrian routes that can go out to other places.

3. Baan Dek Missing is a small shop in the community. Most of the customers are villagers in the lane.

4. Missing Dek’s Home is characterized by having two houses in the same area. The lost children’s home is in front of the road like a shop. A family of missing children in the area in front of the house next to the point of sale in the way of dividing the room with cupboards and curtains no door Some of the family’s beds can be seen from the street in front of the house. The mattress is about 4 meters from the edge of the road.

5. The night before the event Where a missing child sleeps All 4 people sleep together, namely father, mother, missing child and 12 year old granddaughter.

6. Around 5 in the morning, the mother of the missing child gave information that she woke up to make milk in a bottle and prepare it for the baby. When the baby was crying, the mosquito net was removed. and give milk to the baby

7. Around six o’clock There are customers who are villagers around that area. come and buy items in front of the house The missing mother-in-law’s sister-in-law was leaving to work. therefore helped to sell and gave information that the child’s voice was missing in the bed area

8. Mother gives information that After that everyone was still sleeping. by lost children crawling to climb themselves After a while, it seemed as if the child was sleeping, then the child got back up to lie in the same area where the child had slept.

9. Then my mother gave me that information while sleeping felt like someone was coming in and carrying the baby So he woke up and walked out to see because he thought relatives were coming to carry the child for a walk . When he could not find the child, he called the father of the sleeping child to find him.

10. The team has been in the area since last night. And still in the area to check the facts and help find the younger brother More details occasionally.

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