Home Entertainment Sombat took turns to watch “Bow”, not to worry about the pink nipple. “Mick” is so embarrassed that he kept his heart shaking!

Sombat took turns to watch “Bow”, not to worry about the pink nipple. “Mick” is so embarrassed that he kept his heart shaking!

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Shy. Looks out. “Mick” blushing all the interviews with “Bow” shivering. Watch the man’s pervert, cute, not jealous, pink nipples No one owns Treasures take turns viewing

The sweetness spread throughout the work For new fans, red label “Bow Meldasusri” and “Mick Thong Raya” The latest, sweet moment. The most shy in the middle of an interview at the Central Anniversary 2020 event on the 3rd floor of Central Chidlom. Gladly accepting employment partners

Mick: “Good event today.”

Bow: “It’s fun. I’m comfortable. The part that I see is always sweet.”

Mick: “Usually, it is normal that we have to take care of each other while going up the stairs and down the stairs. He also wears a skirt.

Bow: “Keep your symptoms (smile)”

Just find some free time to date.
Bow: “Yes, yesterday”

Mick: “You can call it a date. Then went to eat together.

Bow: “(Keeping the fear of shaking?) Shaking. I asked if I was shaking because I was standing next to him, right? What? This trip has been arranged for a short time. “

Mick: “Not very long. In the morning, I have finished work and in the afternoon, I have time, so I ask if I have not met for a long time, so I find time to eat together. In the past, the work was tight and the couple met a little. “

The quickie squeezes the faces and pranks each other.
Mick: “Teased each other. Watch a clip of something. And it was like squeezing the cat’s face So I told him carefully and prank him. “

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Bow: “Make a quick quickie, naturally normal”

Mick: “Ask what percentage of sweetness. Are you a percentage? Just like everyone else I don’t know what percentage Did not sit and think We are doing our best. “

After using the word “girlfriend sweet as before” more according to the occasion
Mick: “Same as before. More and more according to the situation (laughs), according to the occasion, now adjust gradually. Well, some. Hit each other. It’s normal, I think.

Bow: “Many stories”

Mick: “Not even if bared at each other. When we don’t understand each other, talk a little. “

Bow: “Well, have some time. Find a time when it is enough to match. Is there it? Share it as much as possible. “

Thank you for everyone. Blush because of being shy to see
Mick: “Thank you. Very difficult to answer (embarrassed) “

Bow: “Glad everyone adores us.”

Mick: “(Always blushing?) It’s hot.

Bow: “It’s hot.”
Encourage each other normally
Bow: “Keep it normal as you give every day”

Mick: “Fighting, there are some things, I haven’t told them, but some have surprises.”

Bow: “But there will be more surprises than not at home.”

Mick: “When I meet more surprises than the latter, I tell you first, I’m afraid, it’s more surprising (laughs)”

Bow: “Previously, encouraging him because he was tired and woke up early in the sun with fire. There were also some sprinkles, but Pee Mick was good. He is full of work, so it’s comfortable. And he is a pervert as everyone sees it. It’s cute (laughs). Bow also asks him for encouragement.

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Bow: “Congratulations.”

Mick: “I can accept.”

Bow: “It’s fun to work together. Get it. Get it.”

Very embarrassed, pink nipples have their owners The bow drops, now pink all over, do not skimp on the treasure, take turns watching
Mick: “Don’t be the owner (laughs) I’m embarrassed to answer very hard.”

Bow: “It’s all pink now.”

Mick: “My hair is completely red. With some taking off his clothes It does not belong to anyone. Publicly

Bow: “ Things like this, don’t be spared. Bow, you can also look at it (laughs) “

Mick: “Let’s divide.”

Bow: “Treasures take turns viewing (laughs).


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