Somchai decides to fix election rules Eua Area Land Slide A small party must find a way to survive.

‘Somchai’ decides to amend the election rules A small party must find a way to survive. Revealed that there was a signal to hit the body of the Km. Luk, advised to keep an eye on the attitude of ‘2 uncles’

On May 20, Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, the strategic chairman of the Seri Ruam Thai Party policy gave an interview about the amendment of the Organic Act on the election of members of the House of Representatives and the draft bill on political parties The latest committee (KMUTT) has considered the content and prepared to send it to the President of the National Assembly next week that the amendments to the election rules. Both ballots, 2 ballots, parallel ballot counting and use the formula to find The list of MPs divided by 100 people, the result is to benefit large political parties such as the Pheu Thai Party, while the Pracharath Party will still be a large party or not. ask a question Pride Thai Party Democratic Party and the far-reaching party considered a medium-sized party which medium and small groups disadvantage under such rules

“Amending the electoral rules does not bring justice to all parties. but to create an alternative for the big party to be strong and there will be a few large parties in the House of Representatives Moreover, under the aforementioned rules, the Pheu Thai Party will get more votes and get a lot of MPs in both constituencies and party lists as well. It is expected that the chances of the phenomenon for Thailand Slide is the only party that can More than half of the House of Representatives can happen,” Mr Somchai said.

Mr. Somchai continued that future trends in politics There may be two major political parties with different ideas. Like the United States, there are two major parties taking turns forming the government. The other parties had to die.

When asked about the image of Thai politics after the new election rules Mr. Somchai said short term images Still have to keep an eye on the consideration of the two bills that will be considered at the Joint Assembly of the National Assembly. in agenda two and agenda three especially the formula for calculating A list of MPs divided by 100, which is not accepted by the senators and is believed to play an important role in the vote. It may be possible that the draft law, either in the relevant section or in its entirety.

“The vote that decides whether to pass terms two and three Using the majority of the meeting for the senator vote together is 1 in 3 of the council and in the voting process of the committee of the extraordinary committee that the senators broke up, it was discussed that because two uncles signal clearly don’t talk well Causing the Pracharat Party to support 100 people to divide, but the senators didn’t support it, so in the future, we had to see if the two uncles would talk to each other or not. Or send any clear signal or not,” said Mr. Somchai.

Mr. Somchai continued that For the long term, if the rules are changed What will happen to the general election? The newly formed party and the smaller party had to find a way for themselves to survive, for example, joining the big party because they believed that the new party. Or small will get electoral votes less than the criteria to get MPs into the House of Representatives, which is estimated to have 3.5 hundred thousand to 3.7 hundred thousand votes, while non-large parties in the campaign must build acceptance of the people. broadly The party’s popular vote contributed to helping electoral districts. and get more roster but more tired than before Because the big party has an advantage, both the candidates for the top seat of the province will flow into the party, including the capital that is expected to be the government in the future. Therefore, the big party has the advantage both in terms of rules. and recruiting candidates and funding from the business department

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