‘Somchai’ highlighted 6 more questions after sharing hundreds, closing the way for parliamentarians to vote for the prime minister, bringing 2 uncles back home completely.

from the case of the Constitutional Court It ruled by a unanimous vote of 9 to 0 that the measure on electing MPs was enacted in accordance with section 132 of the constitution and section 25 of the measure on electing MPs did not exist. The text is contrary to or inconsistent with section 93 and section 94 and a majority vote of 7 to 2 ruled that section 26 of that draft does not contain any statement contrary to or inconsistent with section 93 and section 94 of the Constitution.

Latest (1 Dec.) Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn President Strategy to Drive Policy of the Liberal Party of Thailand And a former Election Commissioner (ECT) has posted an article titled “Election Results after Dividend Percentage”, analyzing political probabilities. After the Constitutional Court ruled that the section 100 formula was not contrary to the constitution those

1. House of Representatives political parties continue Approximately no more than 10 parties

2. The top party can have 40-55% of the total MPs in the House.

3. The second party will have more than half as many MPs as the first party.

4. First Party can choose to join all the remaining parties Except some parties that people who support the party don’t want to shake hands with.

5. With the rules that allow parliamentarians to participate in choosing the prime minister So, we may see joining hands to form a government to exceed 375 votes in order to completely remove parliamentarians from the equation for forming a comprehensive government .

6. If the party of the 2 Uncles adds up to less than 125 votes, it will send Uncle home perfectly.

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