‘Somchai’ raised 6 results after the court gave the green light, electing MPs, the 100 formula does not contradict the constitution.

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‘Somchai’ raises 6 results after the green light of the constitutional court, the election of MPs, formula 100, does not contradict the constitution, expect Num Hom, people march to dissolve the party before the election still can’t blink an eye

On November 30, reporters reported that Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn Director of the Center for Political Research and Development at Rangsit University And the former Election Commissioner (ECT) posted a message on his personal Facebook page stating that “The result of the Constitutional Court ruling on section 100 is not contrary to the constitution”

declares that 1. An open way for elections Because two important laws are the law of political parties. And the law for electing MPs is complete, waiting for the Prime Minister to present the signature of the royal name and published in the Royal Gazette 2. Pheu Thai Party, stocks soar MPs from other parties will show more signs of asking to join. If the parliament is not abolished by the end of January 2023, we will see MPs who want to move the party. donkey design in bulk

3. Small party gatherings will take place. Because there is no scrap of 3-4 ten thousand and have a list of names It is difficult to enter a big party. because it has already set it must be combined 4. The dissolution of the parliament will not happen again. because the prime minister has to find time to build popular points in the new party and find the moment when the other party slips up

5. things to keep an eye on in the next chapter is the zoning model of the Electoral Commission that it is fair Or will it be in favor of any party?

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