Some doctors deserve a beating: KB Ganesh Kumar

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ KB Ganeshkumar He said that while he does not think it is a good thing for patients and bystanders to beat doctors, some people should be beaten. He was giving a speech during the discussion of the health department’s financial request in the assembly.

On December 17, the widow of her constituency underwent an operation at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. Their abdomens have not yet been stitched up. Minister Veena informed George about this. The hospital superintendent of Punalur taluk medical college hospital immediately called and asked them to bring the patient. The head of the general operation refused to accept the woman. The Chief of General Surgery took Rs.2000 from this woman. Ganesh said that if the surveillance probe is conducted, he would give evidence.

Will investigate: Minister

Minister Veena George said they will investigate the incident of not putting stitches on the stomach after the operation.

Dyspnea with open stomach; Can you see Sheeba’s sadness?

Pathanapuram ∙ Ganesh Kumar MLA raised the condition of the sick woman in the assembly. The life of K. Sheeba (48) of Vazhapara Sheeja Mansil has been made miserable by the operation to remove the uterine tumor. After surgery, their stomachs cannot be joined together.

The operation was performed 7 times within a year, first at a private hospital in Kollam and then at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. Since the stomach is open, even the internal organs can be seen. Even eat in bed. Can’t bear the pain. Sheeja, who lives with her elderly mother, gets help from local residents.

English summary : KB Ganesh kumar’s statement against some doctors