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Some traffic jams on the Gwigyeong Expressway… Busan-Seoul 4 hours 50 minutes

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Reporter Yoon Chang-won

On the afternoon of the 12th of New Year’s Day, the national highways are generally communicating smoothly, and congestion is seen only in some sections of Gwigyeong-gil.

According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, it takes about 4 hours and 50 minutes to depart for Seoul from the Busan Tollgate this afternoon. It will take 3 hours and 40 minutes from Gwangju to Seoul, and 3 hours and 50 minutes from Daegu to Seoul.

Intermittent congestion occurs on the Gyeongbu Expressway toward Seoul in a total of 33 km, including 17 km near the Anbun station from Bukcheonan. In the direction of Busan, cars go and stand in a 16km section, including 5km near the Cheonan rest area near Mokcheon.

The Seohaean Expressway is running slowly in a 40km section from the vicinity of Dangjin toward Seoul to the Seohae Bridge. On the Jungbu Expressway, cars are running at low speeds in a 30km section, such as 9km in the vicinity of Seocheongju and 7km in the Nami direction, from Jincheon to Jincheon Tunnel from Nami Junction in the Hanam direction.

The Yeongdong Expressway continues to go back and forth in the 20km to Incheon and 12km to Gangneung.

On this day, the Korea Expressway Corporation predicted the national traffic volume of 4.29 million units. It is estimated that 390,000 vehicles will move from the metropolitan area to the local area, and 380,000 units will move from the local area to the metropolitan area. It is expected that the congestion in the direction of homecoming will be resolved at around 8 PM, and in the direction of returning home at 11 PM.

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