“Something designed” Shohei Otani puts on the face of a US trading card with a “dual wield package” | Full-Count

Selected as the No. 1 card for the 2022 Series 1 baseball of “Topps”

The “dual wield package” of pitcher Shohei Ohtani was unveiled. When the official Twitter of “Topps”, which sells trading cards, released a photo of Otani’s reign, fans were waiting for the release, saying “I want to buy this one trillion box” and “Wow, a dreamlike package”.

Otani was selected as the No. 1 card for the 2022 Series 1 baseball. By fan voting, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and Angels outfielder Mike Trout have joined the ranks of legends.

“Otani Fever” is expected this season as well. From the fans, “It’s a nice design. Congratulations to Shohei Ohtani.” “I’ve never wanted such a baseball card.” “It’s a unanimous decision from the world! Good job!” “It’s nice to have both throws. Comments such as “I love this design!”

[Actual photo]”Dream-like package” Trading card that you can enjoy Shohei Otani throwing

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