Something never happened there, our privacy was affected – Abhilash Kumar

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Something never happened there, and our privacy was affected: Abhilash Kumar

Behind the Woods has released a video of Chattambi’s film crew apologizing for Srinath Bhasi’s disrespectful behavior towards the anchor. Chattambi director Abhilash S. talks to Obscura Entertainment about the release of the video, which was taken without their knowledge. Kumar.

“We went there with very good intentions. I go to their office because I understand that their side needs to be heard. But something happened that never happened there. After they arrived at the Behind Woods office, they recorded the conversation on a hidden camera and the release of the footage has affected our privacy.

We strongly disagree with that. But we don’t have time to chase him. It’s a pity that this happened in the middle of arranging for Chattambi’s promotion.

We were not there when this matter happened. Our PR was called out. As soon as he heard that, he went there without asking what the matter was.

When I went to his office, there were more than ten people there. They were in terrible trouble. They were telling all the stories that happened. From there, we apologize for everything that happened.

But when Bhasi came and said he wanted to apologize in person, they couldn’t guarantee it. Because Bhasi was not someone under our control. We want to catch him and apologize, but we can’t. Told them all that.

We have apologized to them for everything that happened on the promotional sets of our film. He came down from there and spoke to Bhasi, and Bhasi said that he had never spoken to them in a way that insulted their femininity, and went again to apologise. But they were still harassed. So it didn’t work.

There were talks again and Bhasi said he left there. This is what I heard. I am a person who has heard both sides but I don’t know which is correct.

If our artist has misbehaved with those who came to promote our film, all I can do is take responsibility and apologize for it. I have done that,” said Abhilash Kumar.

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