Son Dam-bi ♥ Lee Kyu-hyeok Would it be that good just by looking at him… My love ♥

(Photo = SNS Son Dam-bi)

Singer and actor Son Dam-bi revealed her love for her husband Lee Kyu-hyuk.

Son Dam-bi posted a photo on the 2nd.

In the picture released together, Son Dam-bi’s image of Lee Kyu-hyuk was included. Lee Kyu-hyuk was wearing comfortable pants, a T-shirt, a hat and sunglasses.

In particular, Son Dam-bi smiles shyly at the shoot. Son Dam-bi looks at Lee Kyu-hyuk and says, “My love♥” and expresses her love, causing a smile.

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi married Lee Kyu-hyuk, a former national speed skater, in May last year.

Reporter Cha Hye-young, Ten Asia

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