“Son Dam-bi affair? Divorce”… Kyu-Hyuk Lee, even if he goes down on his knees and begs, there is no mercy

Singer Son Dam-bi and former speed skater Lee Gyu-hyeok revealed their honest views on marriage.Photo iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment News
On the 30th, the YouTube channel ‘Dambison’ released ‘Saturday Night Fatal Drinking Game 2’ (with Karinji). It features a video featuring a candid chat over a drink with model and actor Ji Yi-soo and speed skater Kim Tae-yoon.

The question was asked to the four people who played the balance game that day, ‘Love cheating with a woman VS Love cheating with a man’.

In response, Lee Gyu-hyuk said, “I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m of the same sex? I’m not sure what it means. I hope it’s not Son Dam-bi is cheating.”

Then Mab Dam-bi said, “After getting married, implicitly, I asked, ‘What do you think if I can cheat on you? “I can take a look at it,” explained an anecdote.

To this, Kyuhyung Lee added, “(If Dam-bi’s Son forgives the wind) Then I am grateful.”

iMBC Hoyoung Lee | youtube picture source

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