Son Dam-bi married former skater Lee Gyu-hyuk in May

Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk (Photo=Ilgan Sports)

Singer-actress Son Dam-bi will marry former skater Lee Kyu-hyuk in May.

Son Dam-bi posted on her personal SNS on the 25th, “I was thinking about how to tell you, but this story is not someone’s words, but I am writing because I want to tell everyone.” In May, I will get married to the person who makes me look down, makes me smile when we are together, and knows that happiness is happiness.”

He continued, “I am so grateful to our fans who have always supported me with a constant heart since my debut. I am so happy these days with the support of the people I love. I am really grateful. He added.

Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk started dating in earnest at the beginning of last year. They also enjoy a hobby of golf together, and recently they shared a picture of them skiing together, raising envy. In December of last year, they admitted that they were dating and continued the ‘Love Stargram’ as a public lover.

Son Dam-bi debuted in 2007 with his debut song ‘Cry Eye’ and sang hit songs such as ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’. She turned into an actress in 2009 and appeared in the drama ‘Dream’, ‘Light and Shadow’, ‘Mrs. Cop 2’ and ‘When the Camellia Blooms’. As a former national speed skating player, Kyu-hyuk Lee has won the world championships 4 times and participated in the Olympics 6 times, including setting world records in the 1000m in 1997 and 1500m in 2001. He has played for the national team for over 20 years. After the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, he announced his retirement from sports.

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