Son Dam Bi So Yi Hyun Kim Ho Young Waxing Out Brazilian Waxing Confession

Musical actor Kim Ho-young and actors Son Dam-bi and So Yi-hyun confessed to doing Brazilian waxing (a method to remove all body hair).

Kim Ho-young appeared on KH Group’s channel iHQ ‘My sister shoots!’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 30th of last month.

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Ho-young told a man’s story that his girlfriend forced him to wax, saying, “Actually, there are different types of Brazilian waxing. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.”

To this, Son Dam-bi asked, “Have you tried it?”, and Kim Ho-young answered, “I did it two days ago.”

Then, Dam-bi Son confessed, “I am a person who does it,” and So Yi-hyun also confessed, “I do it too.”

Son Dam-bi then announced, “I’m also completely clean,” and Kim Ho-young was dissatisfied with this.

On the other hand, So Yi-hyun said, “I’m not like that. I’m in a bikini,” making everyone laugh.


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