Son Heung-min and Richarlison: The Impact of Manager Conte on Tottenham’s Revival

Son’s Revival: Would Richarlison Have Thrived Under Conte?

By Ryu Dong-hyuk, Chosun Sports Reporter

London, 18th October (Korea time) – The British Daily Mail reported today that Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager, Anger Postekoglou, has created a more inclusive and supportive environment for the players compared to his predecessor, Antonio Conte. This has raised questions about whether Richarlison, son of star player Son Heung-min, would have found success under Conte’s reign.

Conte, a renowned coach, had attempted to lead Tottenham to the top of the standings last season with a strong system. However, the team’s support and style did not align with his approach, leading to strained relationships with the players, including Son. The media reported that Tottenham now feels like a less oppressive environment, providing more opportunities for underperforming players.

Richarlison, known for his emotional playing style, would have faced difficulties fitting into Conte’s cold and mechanical football philosophy. Conte’s rigorous demands and critical public interviews created tension within the team. Ultimately, Tottenham was relegated last season, leaving Son feeling responsible for Conte’s departure.

The media suggests that Richarlison’s struggles in Conte’s system would have made a revival challenging. The young player has faced trials both on and off the pitch this season, dealing with financial problems and needing psychological support. However, he managed to display his talent and resilience in the recent match against Sheffield, where he scored the decisive equalizer, earning praises from his captain, Son.

Under the guidance of new manager Postekoglou, Tottenham’s players have embraced a more energetic and positive mindset. The addition of players like James Madison, Pape Sar, and Yves Bissouma has rejuvenated the team’s attacking style. Son, in his role as the central axis, has successfully linked the team’s play, contributing to their recent success.

Although there have been challenges and setbacks, Tottenham’s system and atmosphere have provided the foundation for their recent improvements. The tight-knit dressing room and players’ commitment to each other have been highlighted as key factors in their revival. With the addition of talented players like Brennan Johnson and the speedy ‘Wales Express,’ Tottenham’s options have increased, enabling Postekoglou to implement his unique attacking strategies.

It remains to be seen whether Richarlison will continue his upward trajectory under Postekoglou’s management. The young player’s talent and determination, combined with Tottenham’s supportive environment, offer hope for a successful future.


Chosun Sports = Reporter Ryu Dong-hyuk

Son of Heung-min and Richarlison. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

‘If Conte had been manager, would Richarlison have been revived?’

Heung-min’s son. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

British Daily Mail reported on the 18th (Korea time), ‘Under coach Anger Postekoglou, Tottenham feels like a warmer, more inclusive and less oppressive environment. ‘It can make life easier for players who are too open with their emotions.’

Son of Heung-min and Madison. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

Certainly, there is criticism of former manager Antonio Conte. There was no talk of direct warfare. However, this means that Richarlison’s revival would not have been easy under Manager Conte’s regime.

Tottenham players, focus on Son Heung-min. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

These media said, ‘Tottenham is a less oppressive environment.’ This means that there are more opportunities for existing players who were underperforming. Coach Conte is a world renowned coach. Last season, we tried to lead Tottenham to the top of the standings based on a strong system.

Heung-min’s son. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

However, Tottenham’s support and system did not suit Manager Conte. Furthermore, he was confident in his football skills. It must be so. It has been successful all these years with strong principles.

Heung-min’s son, Richarlison, and prisoners. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

He actively asked Son Heung-min and Harry Kane to participate not only in attack but also in defense, and by appointing Ivan Perisic, who has a similar radius of action to Son Heung-min, the power of the two players was halved.

Heung-min’s son, Richarlison, and prisoners. <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

Of course, if this was the type of football that Coach Conte wanted, this criticism would be meaningless. However, the head coach had to have the ability to maximize the power of the current players to fit the team’s situation.

Moreover, Coach Conte’s football was cold and mechanical. When the system wasn’t set up properly, Coach Conte exploded. Criticizing players in public interviews. Although it was a well-founded criticism, it was also the subject of considerable debate in the local media. Tottenham ended up relegated last season. Heung-min’s son bowed his head, saying, ‘I feel responsible for sacking Coach Conte,’ but in the end, Coach Conte and Tottenham did not get along well.

It is predicted that it would not be easy for Richarlison, who continued to perform poorly in this system, to revive. The ’emotional player’ mentioned in this media refers to Richarlison.

Richarlison has had several trials on and off the pitch this season. In particular, during the selection period of the national team, he sheds tears and expresses his difficulties with financial problems around him. The need for psychological treatment was also mentioned.

In the end, I settled on ‘soccer’.

Richarlison, who was substituted in the second half of the EPL 5th round match against Sheffield, scored the decisive equaliser. ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min gave Richarlison a warm hug, and in his greeting with the home fans after the game, he pointed to Richarlison and called him ‘the star of this game.’

It was a scene that showed his dignity as an ace, team captain, and leader.

Tottenham are definitely more energetic than last season. There is an unexpected synergy effect. The starting point was James Madison, Pape Sar, and Yves Bissouma. All three players energized Tottenham’s attacking football with their strong activity and great penetration in the second line. The central axis was held by Son Heung-min. He played the role of not only a left winger but also a link as he moved to the centre. He was delighted with the brilliant performances of Maddison, Sarr, and Bissouma as if it were his own work.

When Son Heung-min moved into the middle and scored a hat trick against Burnley, all the Tottenham players hugged each other and rejoiced. It was a highlight that clearly showed the atmosphere in the locker room.

Tottenham were battling against Sheffield. Tottenham’s attack did not go well in a counter-attacking system reminiscent of ‘bed football’. To make matters worse, they even conceded the first goal.

In a situation where defeat was in sight, coach Postekoglou brought Brennan Johnson along with Richarlison, and Richarlison tied the game, and Klusevski even scored a goal back.

Tottenham have 4 wins and 1 draw. The flow is even better. The revival of centre-forward Richarlison, who had been struggling. In addition, the forces behind the team’s upward trend, including Son Heung-min, Klusevski, Maddison, Sarr, Bissouma, and Romero, are all still alive and well. In addition, ‘Wales Express’ Johnson, who has the fastest speed in the league, has also joined. Tottenham’s options have increased, and the number of cards to use Postekoglou’s unique attacking football has increased.

However, all this is supported by Tottenham’s system and atmosphere.

The Daily Mail quoted Son Heung-min as saying: ‘Our dressing room is tight. ‘Everyone plays, runs and fights for each other.’ Certainly, it is a Tottenham side not seen under previous manager Conte. Reporter Ryu Dong-hyuk

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