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Son Heung-min corrects record of 3 help against Everton… Achieve 30 attack points for 2 consecutive seasons

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Reporter Jisoo Kim, MK Sports

Son Heung-min (29, Tottenham Hotspur) experienced the joy of the first hat-trick after his professional debut with a record correction in the fifth round of the English Football Association (FA) Cup.

Tottenham lost 4-5 in the match against Everton in the round of 16 of the 2020-2021 FA Cup held at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England on the 11th (Korean time). Although the main attackers such as Son Heung-min played a battle, the victory was dedicated amidst defensive anxiety.

Son Heung-min started the game comfortably by helping Davinson Sanchez (25, Colombia) to lead the goal with an accurate kick in the corner kick situation in the third minute of the first half.

picture explanationSon Heung-min (left) is comforted by coach Jose Mourinho after losing in the FA Cup round of 16 against Everton on the 10th (Korean time). Photo (Liverpool, UK)=AFPBBNews=News1

A decisive pass was given to Eric Lamela (29, Argentina), who scored in the extra time in the first half of the team being pulled to 1-3, but was deflected by the opponent’s defensive body and was not recognized for help.

Son Heung-min ended the Everton match with two assists, assisting Harry Kane (28, England) in the 38th minute of the second half after the team was 3-4 behind.

However, after the game was over, local media including British public broadcaster’BBC’ recognized Lamela’s goal as Son Heung-min’s assist. Before Lamela received the ball, there was a part that hit the opponent’s defensive body, but he accepted the part where Lamela started scoring from Son Heung-min’s pass.

As the record was corrected, Son Heung-min achieved’Assist Hat Trick’ with 3 help in one game for the first time in his professional career. This season, ▲ 13 points in the league, 6 assists ▲ 3 points in the Europa League, 3 assists ▲ 1 point in the Carabao Cup (League Cup) ▲ 4 assists in the FA Cup, a total of 30 attack points have been recorded.

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Following 18 points and 12 assists in the 2019-2020 season, he showed off the top-notch attacker in the English Premier League (EPL) by stepping on the notice of 30 attack points for two consecutive seasons. By adding one more attack point this season, you will be able to renew your career high.

Meanwhile, Tottenham will leave an away game against the league leader Manchester City on the 14th and play EPL round 24. [email protected]

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