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Son Heung-min, overcoming pain and challenging the most 15 goals in the EPL season

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Goal hunting against Everton on the 17th
Director Mourinho “Son Heung-min, it’s okay now”

English professional football Premier League (EPL) Son Heung-min overcomes pain and challenges the league’s top 15 goals in a season.

Son Heung-min will play the 2020-2021 EPL Round 32 away game against Everton at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England, at 4 am (Korean time) on the 17th.

In the match against Manchester United on the 12th, I scored a goal after two months, but I couldn’t laugh. Tottenham lost 1-3, and he suffered racism in addition to the Hollywood action controversy.

Son Heung-min was beaten by Scott McTomini’s hand in the 33rd minute of the first half of the match, and the goal was canceled due to a foul declaration for Manchester United who scored a goal. He did not hesitate to racism toward the future. After the game, manager Solskár Manchester and Jose Mourinho Tottenham exchanged a battle. In this regard, director Mourinho said on the 16th, “I think Son Heung-min is okay now. “I am loved here and at home,” he said, “it’s not good.”

When asked, “Isn’t the comments that followed after the game made the situation worse?” he said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to comment on that.”

In the training photo released by Tottenham Club earlier, Son Heung-min sweated with his colleagues with a bright expression.
Tottenham have no victory in their last two games (1 draw, 1 loss). It is in 7th place with 49 points. Next season, the difference between the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League qualifiers, and the fourth place West Ham United (55 points), the Maginot Line, widened to six.

It is as important as the finals of every match. The opponent Everton is in 8th place (48 points) and is pursuing Tottenham to the bottom of his chin.

Son Heung-min reported the 14th goal in the league (19th in the season) with the Manchester United goal. He made a tie with the league’s most goals in one season, which he set in the 2016-2017 season.

Adding goals in the Everton match will renew the league’s most goals in a season.

Manager Mourinho said, “The difference is not that great, and it is a match between teams with similar goals. It will be fierce. I will pay attention to it.”


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