Son Heung-min Refuses to Pose with iPhone, Stays Loyal to Samsung Sponsorship

Son Heung-min, the Promotional Face of Samsung, Refuses to Snap Photos with Rival Phone

Tottenham Hotspur and South Korean national team football player, Son Heung-min, has stirred a minor controversy after reportedly declining to handle a particular brand of mobile phone while posing for photos with adoring fans.

According to the British Daily Mail, Son turned down requests from some fans to take pictures with their phones. A video circulating on social media captured Son’s willingness to oblige supporters donning either the national team or Tottenham jerseys, but he drew the line at his own mobile device, an ‘iPhone’.

Journalists speculated that Son’s refusal stems from his deal as the brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy line of smartphones. They rationalized his actions as a means to shield the marketing interests of his endorsement and were quoted stating, “Fans without a Samsung phone should snap a selfie on their personal mobiles if they want a picture with Son Heung-min.”

Indeed, the video evidence showcased Son proudly wielding his Samsung Galaxy phone and snapping snapshots for those requesting it.

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Football player Son Heung-min was seen refusing to even touch a certain brand of mobile phone while taking photos with fans.

On the 11th, the British Daily Mail reported, “Son Heung-min refused to take the cell phones of some fans who asked to take pictures.”

According to a video posted on social media, Son Heung-min readily responded to requests to take pictures from fans who came with the national team uniform or the Tottenham uniform, but refused to take pictures with his own mobile phone in the case of an ‘iPhone’ .

The media analyzed that Son Heung-min does not take photos with competitors’ products because he is a promotional model for the Galaxy brand of ‘Samsung Electronics’ and said, “Fans who do not have a Samsung phone should take a selfie with themselves. mobile phone when they meet Son Heung-min.” “It means,” he added.

In the actual video, Son Heung-min held up the phone and took pictures for fans who asked him to take pictures with his Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

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