Son Heung-min Shines as Tottenham’s Captain: A 12 out of 10 Start

12 out of 10: Son Heung-min Shines as Tottenham’s Start Impresses Experts

By Ryu Dong-hyuk, Chosun Sports Reporter

Tottenham Hotspur’s incredible start to the season has left football pundits in awe, with some even rating it a perfect 12 out of 10. Despite the departure of their star striker Harry Kane, Tottenham has showcased exceptional form, recording three wins and one draw in their opening matches.

At the heart of their success lies Son Heung-min, who has stepped up to the role of Tottenham captain this season. His rapport with manager Angie Postecoglu has been described as fantastic, and his recent performance in scoring a hat-trick has further solidified his prominence within the team. This transition from winger to main striker seems to have unlocked Son’s true potential, leaving a lasting impression on fans and experts alike.

In the fourth round of the English Premier League, Son Heung-min not only recorded the highest score but also earned a spot in the top 11, cementing his status as the standout player of the round. The synergy between Son and his teammates, including James Madison, Solomon, Papesar, and Porro, has been nothing short of explosive.

As Son Heung-min moved to the center, earning himself the nickname ‘nails,’ the powerful combination of Son and Solomon gave birth to the term ‘Sonromon.’ Local media praised this game as a testament to Son’s ability to fill Harry Kane’s void, while EPL expert Glenn Murray predicted that Son will score an impressive 20-25 goals this season.

Tottenham’s exceptional start deserves 12 points out of 10, and the same can be said for Son Heung-min. Not only is he the team’s finest ace, but he also serves as a strong focal point and exemplary leader as the new captain. In short, Son Heung-min is a force to be reckoned with.

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Heung-min’s son

<저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

[스포츠조선 류동혁 기자] ’12 out of 10.’

Heung-min’s son

<저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

It is a series of compliments.

TBR football media said on the 9th (Korea time), ‘Harry Kane has left, but Tottenham’s start is great. I would rate it a 12 out of 10.”

It means that Tottenham’s start has been that impressive. It has to be. They have a record of 3 wins and 1 draw.

In the middle is Son Heung-min.

TBR said, ‘Son Heung-min became Tottenham’s captain this season, and his breather with manager Angie Postecoglu is fantastic. He scored a hat-trick in the last game and took a more central role at Tottenham. Son Heung-min is making a huge impression this season.”

Son Heung-min recorded a hat-trick against Burnley in the 4th round of the EPL on the 3rd. After the transfer of Harry Kane, there was a gap in the center. I used Richarlison, but it was sluggish. In the end, this was the first game for Son Heung-min to move from winger to main striker.

In the 4th round, Son Heung-min recorded the highest score and rose to the top 11, becoming the best player in the 4th round. Besides, the synergy effect of James Madison, Solomon, Papesar, Porro, etc. exploded.

As he moved to the center, the nickname ‘nails’ was born, and the word ‘Sonromon’ was born from the strong synergistic combination of Son Heung-min and Solomon.

The local media said that this was a game that proved that Son Heung-min was the most suitable card to fill Harry Kane’s void.

In addition, EPL expert Glenn Murray, who played for Brighton, predicted that ‘Son Heung-min will be able to score 20-25 goals this season’.

Tottenham deserves 12 points out of 10. The same goes for Son Heung-min. Not only is he the best ace in the team, but he is also a strong focal point for the team as the new captain. In a word, he is an ace leader. Reporter Donghyuk Ryu

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