Son Heung-Min: World Cup star to Premier League star

Asia’s No. 1 superstar joins the army “White Ginseng” South Korea national team Turn the tide in injury time. Eligible for the knockout round World Cup 2022 in a dramatic way but in the end They did not reach the land of dreams. After being hit by the samba army, he collapsed in a decisive way. However, Son Heung-min’s mission this season is not complete. From now on, he will have to return to be the main force of the agency. “Golden Trash Chicken” Tottenham Hotspur to maintain the top four positions

Personal information

  • name: Heung-min’s son
  • happen: July 8, 1992 in Gangwon City South Korea
  • age: 30 years
  • nationality: South Korea
  • situation: Striker/Wing
  • height: 183 cm

Performance at the 2022 World Cup

In this World Cup, South Korea was drawn into Group H. Along with the best teams from the other three continents such as Portugal, Uruguay and Ghana, which is considered a very difficult task ever. But even so, they surprised. By qualifying for the last 16 in dramatic fashion From coming second in the group after “cheating death” overtaking Portugal in injury time was incredible. the triumphal arch says It probably won’t happen. If there is no man named “Heung-min’s son“In the field

Team captain white ginseng Suffering from facial injuries From playing for the agency to the point of needing surgery in just a few weeks Before the 2022 World Cup started That made South Korean football fans worry a lot. He may or may not be able to return to the field in time.

However, in the end, Son Heung-min did not succumb to injury. He came back fit. and lead the team to the field in time By wearing a mask to prevent impact on the field as well But it must still be admitted His performances in the first two games of the group stage, a 0-0 draw with Uruguay and a loss of 2 -3 to Ghana, has been as sublime as expected. The latter was unable to score goals or assist at all.

which, although many people could have seen his hard work. who want to make a difference to the team, but Son came out and admitted that Still not impressed with their own style of play and would like to help the team get more

but then finallyA testament to his importance to the team. Including being the best player at the highest level It was shown in time in the final moments of the last game of the group stage, as the “miracle” the South Koreans had been waiting for when Son Heung-min grabbed the ball from the middle of the a field before paying the ball killer Offer to the golden pan Which turned out to be a wonderful assist for Hwang Hee-Chan to reach the goal. Help them overtake Portugal 2-1 in injury time in the 90th + 2nd minute and successfully punch the ticket to the final. Until it calls tears of joy from quite a few South Korean football fans.

However, although in the end Dan Kimchi’s best team will not be able to withstand the strength of Brazil, losing to 1-4, making it a blow to the last 16 teams until His Son Heung-min was in tears. with disappointment But the things they trusted in this competition Especially the spirit and the fighting spirit that exists to the limit. He impressed football fans around the world. And it is considered work we can be proud of.

Standings in the 2022/23 Premier League

The “Golden Spur Chicken” Tottenham Hotspur army has had an impressive start in the Premier League this season. After 5 wins and 2 draws, they are unbeaten in their first 7 games, but then their performance starts to drop significantly. Winning only 4 games and losing 4 games in the next 8 games, making it now 15 games on the field, winning 9, drawing 2, losing 4, getting 29 points, 4th place in the table behind r crowd like Arsenal Up to 8 points, but playing more than 1 game

However, this season still has a long way to go. And there are still a lot of games to play, so anything can still happen. and situations There is always a chance to turn around, so Spurs can still look at the goal to reach the championship position as well. But all of these believe that what they should focus on first at the moment is keeping the top four. to win tickets to play in the UEFA Champions League

due to the uneven form of play in the latter He also tends to fall behind often this season. Cause them to start showing some worrying symptoms that will be able to maintain a consistent and consistent performance until the end of the season or not

it must be admitted that one of the key factors that affects the performance of the team is quite the personal form of an important star player as Son Heung-Min, who this season has not been able to show good form continuously. If compared to his standards and statistics in recent years, this season he has made 13 appearances in the Premier League so far but has only scored three goals, coming from one hat-trick only against Leicester City. Including also doing assists only 2 times

This is a very interesting point so After returning from the World Cup, 30-year-old Son Heung-min should be fully recovering from a facial injury. Will he be able to return to good form again or not? who believes that On a perfect physical day and full of confidence The potential of this No. 1 player from Asia It would definitely be second to none.

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