Son Heung-min’s Emergence as Tottenham’s Key Player Following Harry Kane’s Departure

Tottenham’s Evaluation Shifts as Harry Kane Departs: A New Era Begins

Tottenham Hotspur’s long-standing reputation as “Harry Kane’s team” is undergoing a transformation following the departure of the star striker to Bayern Munich this season. In the past, the London club heavily relied on Kane’s goal-scoring abilities, with the player consistently delivering impressive performances since the 2014-2015 season.

Throughout his tenure at Tottenham, Kane secured the Premier League’s top scorer title three times and played a pivotal role in the team’s success. However, with his departure, the club faced the daunting task of finding a suitable replacement.

Thankfully for Tottenham, the new head coach, Angie Postecoglu, has implemented an attack-oriented strategy that has yielded positive results. Despite the absence of Kane, the team’s offensive game is flourishing under the leadership of captain Son Heung-min and Richarlison.

Additionally, vice-captain James Madison and Christian Romero have been instrumental in supporting Son Heung-min’s on-field leadership. This collective effort has resulted in an even distribution of goals amongst the team, with Son Heung-min, Madison, Romero, Pape Sar, Dejan Kulusevski, and Emersonga each contributing to Tottenham’s success.

Currently, Tottenham holds three wins and one draw, accumulating 10 points in the Premier League, positioning them just behind Manchester City, who lead with 12 points. The British newspaper Telegraph explains that Tottenham’s focus during the summer transfer market was on versatile midfielders and strikers, prioritizing their strategy over signing new forwards.

Son Heung-min, in particular, has been pivotal for Tottenham’s success. His exceptional dribbling skills and unique playing style as a number 9 striker have made him an essential asset in Postecoglu’s tactics. Son Heung-min’s contribution to the team was evident in his hat-trick against Burnley, leading Tottenham to a 5-2 victory.

Despite the initial concerns surrounding Kane’s departure, Tottenham’s revival centered around Son Heung-min is gradually dispelling doubts. The team’s varied scoring routes and cohesive gameplay have showcased their ability to thrive without Kane. The positive impact of Son Heung-min’s leadership has been widely recognized, resulting in him being named number one in the Premier League Power Ranking by Britain’s Daily Mail.

Evan Ferguson from Brighton, who also scored a hat-trick in the fourth round, ranks second in the Power Ranking, followed by Erling Holland, Manchester City’s leading goal-scorer from the previous season. As Tottenham progresses further into the season, the team’s link with Kane is being viewed in a positive light, while Son Heung-min continues to excel as their centerpiece.

In conclusion, Tottenham’s evaluation is shifting, with the club showcasing resilience and adaptability following Harry Kane’s departure. The emergence of Son Heung-min as a key leader has injected fresh optimism into the team, as they navigate their way through a new era.

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[OSEN=강필주 기자] Should Harry Kane (30, Bayern Munich) have left? Ironically, Tottenham’s evaluation, which was criticized as ‘Kane’s one man team’, is changing to a positive one.

Tottenham had been rated as ‘Kane’s team’ until last season. Six years ago, in 2017, coach Pep Guardiola started in earnest when he described Tottenham as “Harry Kane’s team”.

In fact, Tottenham relied heavily on Kane’s scoring ability. Kane, who has been wearing a Tottenham uniform since his youth days, has scored more than 20 goals, including double-digit goals in the league, every season since the 2014-2015 season, when he took the starting position seriously.

In particular, Kane showed his presence by becoming the Premier League’s top scorer three times (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2020-2021 seasons). Guardiola wasn’t wrong either.

Because of this, Bayern Munich’s Kane transfer void is also Tottenham’s biggest task this season. Fortunately, Tottenham continues a good flow with the attack-oriented tactics of the new head coach Angie Postecoglu at the beginning of the season.

Instead of Kane, the ‘captain’ Son Heung-min and Richarlison took the position. At the same time, ‘vice-captain’ James Madison and Christian Romero are helping Son Heung-min lead Tottenham.

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The score was also distributed among several players. Son Heung-min scored 3 goals, Madison and Romero scored 2 goals each, Pape Sar, Dejan Kulusevski and Emersonga 1 goal each. Based on this, Tottenham recorded 3 wins and 1 draw (10 points) until the 4th round, just below leading Manchester City (12 points).

On the 6th (Korea time), the British ‘Telegraph’ also said, “Tottenham focused on recruiting versatile midfielders and strikers rather than forwards in the transfer market this summer. It was possible,” he explained.

“Son Heung-min is leading the pressure, which is an important part of Postecoglu’s tactics,” he said. “Son Heung-min has excellent dribbling ability and is very different from other number 9 strikers. He will operate,” he said.

It is evaluated that the true value of the Tottenham team comes out in the process of Kane leaving and filling the gap. Above all, the presence of Heung-min’s Son, who was neglected, is refreshing.

Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick in the 4th round of the Premier League against Burnley on the 2nd, contributing to a 5-2 win. Mab Heung-min, who came to the front, led a great victory working with Manor Solomon and Dean Kulusevski.

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On this day, Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ named Son Heung-min number one in the Premier League Power Ranking. “Kane’s departure is a bad thing, but Tottenham seem to be counterbalancing enough,” he said.

“Son Heung-min contributed to Tottenham’s rise to a high position at the start of the season. Under the direction of coach Postecoglu, he defeated opponents whenever necessary and heated up the atmosphere on the pitch,” he added to the highly commendable evaluation .

Second after Son Heung-min is Evan Ferguson (19, Brighton), who, like Son Heung-min, scored a hat-trick against Newcastle United in the 4th round. In third place is Erling Hollan, who contributed to Manchester City’s treble with top scorer last season.

It is still early in the season, but Tottenham, who looked set to collapse if Kane left, are reviving around Son Heung-min after parting ways with Kane. Most of all, with Tottenham becoming the centerpiece of Son Heung-min, various scoring routes are emerging through even team play. Tottenham whose link with Kane is revealed in a positive way. /

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