Son Heung-min’s unveiled brand ‘NOS7’… ‘Open Run’ is popular despite the high price

NOS7 short-sleeved t-shirt and man-to-man photo [사진출처=케이스스터디 공식 인스타그램 캡처]

[Today Newspaper Reporter Hyo-in Kim]It seems that NOS7, a fashion brand of soccer star Son Heung-min, officially launched on the 17th, has been a success at the box office.

According to the industry, NOS7 will meet customers for two weeks from today to the 30th at the pop-up store in ‘Case Study’ of Boon the Shop, an editorial store of Shinsegae Department Store.

The brand attracted attention due to the logo engraved on the white T-shirt that Son Heung-min wore when he entered Korea last month with a golden boot.

This is not the first time Son Heung-min’s clothing has been released. In 2016, launched a brand named after him, HM SON, and at that time, the snapback hat ‘7STOHM’ was designed by Son Heung-min himself, drawing attention from fans.

The brand name of NOS7, released this time, was created by combining Son Heung-min’s adult ‘SON’ in reverse and his back number ‘7’. It is also known that NOS contains the meaning of ‘Nothing, Ordinary Sunday’.

Customers lined up in front of the store to purchase NOS7 clothing on the 17th [사진제공=뉴시스]
Customers lined up in front of the store to purchase NOS7 clothing on the 17th [사진제공=뉴시스]

According to the price disclosed by Case Study, the NOS7 T-shirt is 73,000 won, the sweatshirt 137,000 won, the shorts 97,000 won, and the hat 47,000 won. In the future, household items such as living room shoes and towels will also be released sequentially.

Initially, there was a negative opinion among some consumers that the price was high. However, on this day, the front of Boon The Shop located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul was crowded with customers’ open run (pre-waiting line) to purchase NOS7 clothing, and it was evaluated that it was a successful box office.

Meanwhile, it is known that NOS7 plans to open a brand website in the future to sell products online as well.