Son Jun-seong’s side “Illegal seizure and search by air raiders”… Quasi-Appeal to the Court (Comprehensive)

Ministry of Airlift “Scheduled to submit opinions after review of quasi-port failure”

Ministry of Public Security re-appeals for arrest warrant for Son Jun-sung on suspicion of ‘indictment’

(Seoul = Yonhap News) The High Commissioner’s Crime Investigation Agency (Public Investigation Agency) requested an arrest warrant for Son Jun-seong, a human rights protector of the Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office, a key suspect in the suspicion of ‘indictment’.
The investigation team (Chief Prosecutor Yeo Woon-guk, deputy chief prosecutor) of the Ministry of Airborne Affairs requested a preliminary arrest warrant for Sohn again around 5 pm on the same day, 35 days after the court dismissed the arrest warrant on the 26th of last month.
The photo shows Son Jun-seong leaving the Seoul Detention Center after the warrant was dismissed on October 27. 2021.11.30 [연합뉴스 자료사진] [email protected]

(Gwacheon = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Dae-hee, Choi Jae-seo = Son Jun-seong, a human rights protector of the Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office, who is being investigated as a suspect in the so-called ‘indictment’ filed

Prosecutor Sohn made a statement on the 30th and said, “The search and seizure conducted by the Ministry of Airlift on e-mail, messenger history, and criminal justice information system search history targeting the hand prosecutor, etc., did not go through the notification procedure for the suspect’s participation, and the suspect or his lawyer’s right to participate. This was done in a state of complete exclusion.”

He also pointed out, “Based on the evidence illegally secured by the negligence theory of the eagle, the admissibility of the statement itself received from the Prosecutor’s Office cannot be recognized.”

In addition, Prosecutor Sohn said, “In the recent seizure and search of ‘Lee Seong-yun’s indictment leak case’, the Public Investigation Service notified the prosecutors of the investigation team two days before and guaranteed the right to participate.” This proves that the warrant has been executed illegally without being aware of it.”

In connection with the suspicion of ‘indictment’, the Ministry of Airborne Search and seizure of the home and office of Prosecutor Sohn on September 10, and the Supreme Prosecutor’s Inspection Department, the Office of the Investigative Information Officer, and the Information and Communication Division were also searched and searched this month.

It is known that the quasi-appeal on the same day was filed for all seizures and searches with the hand test as the suspect, except for the search and seizure on September 10.

The case will be handled by Judge Chan-nyeon Kim, the 31st detective of the Seoul Central District Court, who made the decision to cancel the search and seizure of the Office of the People’s Power of Parliament Kim Woong.

An official from the Air Traffic Service said, “If we receive a notice of quasi-submission from the court in the future, we plan to submit an opinion after review.”

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