Son Miller at Delivering an Exciting Final Message to Fans In "Organic" Casey Veggies

Son Miller at Delivering an Exciting Final Message to Fans In "Organic" Casey Veggies

His heart was so pure.

When news came last year that the iconic Pittsburgh rapper, Mac Miller, had died at tender age 26, the whole world had drowned. Contemporary musicians and fans brought social media to the tragic death of the legendary artist, including Casey Veggies' case, who was "like a brother" to give a Mac. Veggies launched his career by being one of the founding members of the popular rap committee Odd Future – and the first to leave the group after just one mix. However, Mac gave Casey his first real break, which enabled him to open his journey when Casey was fresh from high school.

In today's world, the Inglewood rapper dropped his estimated mix Organic, which included several major names for the project, including YG, The Game, Dom Kennedy, and others. In one of the tracks tracks, "Dream $," Veggies includes a spoken word tribute to Nipsey Hussle, and an interview that brought the late rapper about investing in assets and real estate. Casey shows love for any other soldier at the end of the album, giving his late close friend Mac Miller a chance to talk to us all about the trail, entitled “Take It Slow” which includes BJ The Chicago Kid.

In the old voice recording, Mac can hear what success means, after the interviewer asked Miller what it is "[looks] “I like,“ being able to attract and apply people in a positive way and music that lasts for a long time, ”he says. be positive in a positive way. "


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